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Offensive group messages among ro CEO and his inner circle the messages were laced with profanity as well as homophobic and misogynistic language even jokes about victims of hurricane Maria for some Rosales resignation couldn't come soon enough and lawmakers were poised to begin impeachment proceedings justice secretary Wanda Vasquez is expected to take over as governor when Rosales resignation becomes official I'm reading in reporting new one every former Olympian and Indiana University swimming stand out Lilly Kane has been disqualified from one of her bands at the world swimming championships the Evansville native won her heat in the two hundred meter breaststroke in South Korea yesterday but judges world she did not touch the wall with both hands at the same time on her first term king appeared shocked by the DQ many people on social media are calling for an appeal on the disqualification king was aiming for a sweep of the breaststroke titles and in twenty twenty summer Olympics are now less than one year away host city Tokyo marked the one year milestone yesterday with a number of events including this unveiling the metals that will be handed out to the winners organizer say for the first time the metals are made out of one hundred percent recycled metals this is the second time the Summer Games to be held in Tokyo very cool also very cool our weather yet Lee and the order he sees morning data just refreshing it's nice to start this way and then we through the sunshine of the day it's just really nice just gets better and better I think we filled out like five days straight and then at some point you're gonna have to get sick a lot I know it wasn't until pointed workshops yesterday so girls a versatile tool and you're probably gonna want to use it again and now that the girl ever gets done but you know I'll probably do it one more day or so we will listen to know why not and if I you smell is coming from later on this afternoon highs are headed towards the eighties right now we're starting off in the sixties you bus mid to upper fifties fifty five in Lafayette sixty four here in Indianapolis lower sixties in Muncie right now this morning so this morning a little bit warmer compared to yesterday morning but we should be okay in terms of temperatures so the remainder of the day today it is fifty nine in Shelbyville the start off this morning as we head through this afternoon our temperatures are creeping closer to the average high we should be at eighty five or eighty three degrees no where near the record high set back in nineteen thirty four of one hundred and five degrees and luckily we are not seeing that heat for today storm track right now it's quiet wiping out the view not a whole lot going on across the Ohio valley also back out into the plains states fairly quiet in terms of major weather systems we do have a system now moving through the end of this weekend with a few broken showers and thunderstorms across the plain states that the code as extending down into Nebraska for today are hired about eighty three degrees eighty three here in Indy eighty three and shall be bell south of the city lower eighties mid eighties north in Kokomo eighty four degrees it is a fantastic day for colts training camp were kicking it off with temperatures comfortable low humidity seventy nine degrees by one o'clock we warm to about eighty three later on this afternoon lower eighties by five o'clock we'll see a mostly sunny sky low humidity through the day today so fantastic waves start up training camp here in central Indiana we're gonna continue to see low humidity through good portion of this afternoon and to wrap this did not work work week as well so let's take a look at future Kassir high rents model not really showing too much and nothing really notable here it'll be a mostly sunny sky mostly clear and quiet later on tonight seventy three degrees by ten o'clock and we will see mostly clear skies so we stay quiet even well into tonight tonight temperatures will dip into the sixties so another very similar start Friday morning mostly sunny skies take us through the first half of Friday morning and then we see a few clouds develop through the afternoon so just a touch more cloud cover through the day tomorrow and then we see our humidity levels rise a bit more so it's gonna start to feel just a bit sticky outside to wrap the work week here are highs tomorrow also climbing high about eighty five in Indianapolis tomorrow afternoon eighty six in Kokomo eighty five in Shelbyville eighty five also invite for tomorrow partly to mostly sunny temperature starting off mid sixties we'll continue to climb to the mid eighties by four o'clock by Saturday will start to see a few changes as well in terms of precipitation most of us I think should remain dry there might be a passing shower in northern Indiana through the afternoon hours if that doesn't tend to sag as far south as say Kokomo Lafayette otherwise I think most of us will stay mainly try through the afternoon your weekend planner starting become a bit more humid come Saturday high temperatures also climbing through the upper eighties eighty seven eighty eight degrees by Sunday there could be a few spot Sunday afternoon approaching at ninety degrees of an isolated shower chance to the later part of the day so we are going to begin to warm up through this upcoming weekend eighty seven Saturday temperatures by Sunday approaching ninety degrees ninety two in Chicago ninety two also just south of us and we'll know we'll continue to see our temperatures at least for the beginning of the work week next week cool when we're factoring in a better chance of a few scattered showers humidity rising Sunday into Monday of next week and in our chat it has also increasing our chance of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms as well Monday but isolated in nature eighty four eighty three by Tuesday I think it's are not out of the question a better chance of a few scattered showers during the afternoon Wednesday and we dried out by Thursday highs in the mid eighties roadways a lot of commuters if you're coming in from pretty much any side of the city you should be okay this is near I for sixty five add to it looks like it says twenty First Street there on the northwest side if this is a usual route this morning you should be okay and bound lanes really not too bad this actually on the west side so that is the usual route this morning you should be okay in terms of your morning commute I sixty five here near thirty eighth street nothing two notable here except for somewhat lane restrictions due to a bit of maintenance work that's really been here all week so folks usually usually utilize that stretch of I. sixty five know that you're in the contending with a few orange cones there on the northwest side otherwise still dealing with the police issue on the east side just inside the I. four sixty five will be a forty seven in shape when Avenue single Avenue even with that issue there is moving okay once I drive time seventy four from grounds for two I for sixty five in a six minute drive thirty six from Avon twenty four sixty five and a ninety minute morning commute and then forty from Plainfield twice for sixty five in a sixty minute warning drive seventy thank you it is five twenty two now actors Anne Hathaway is pregnant we will tell you how she shared the news with fans ahead on daybreak on wish TV in ninety three W. 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