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Just to see if you know the waste is leaking down into the water in the thing the energy department built a six hundred million dollar facility to treat the liquid waste that's the good news the bad news it is so far failed to work but it's money well spent because and back to japan a government body has given up trying to arbitrate between tepco and more than fifteen thousand people who are seeking higher monthly compensation for the disaster in phuc largest arbitration case involving the phuc thing residents who were forced to evacuate about fifteen thousand or seventy percent of town's population nine meet town now mia tom signed the petition demand more compensation from tepco their monthly payment for each resident was about nine hundred thirty four dollars don't spend it all in one place three four years ago the dispute resolution centre offered an arbitration pan plan the call for raising the amount by fifty percent the town accept it but tepco maintains that increasing that compensation would have significant effect effect on other evacuees the center has repeatedly asked utility to accept the plan this past friday the dispute resolution centre told the town of decision to end the arbitration process more than eight hundred of the claimants are now dead tepco playing the four corners game clean cheap safe to delayed the meter our friend the atom now the apologies representative from the alert system used by columbus bartha million bartholomew county indiana to notify residents about urgent matters has apologized some county residents who signed up for the ever bridge system reported receiving dozens of notification short periods of time this week about floods tornadoes and flood warnings the notifications either by phone text message or email must be answered an acknowledged for they will be repeated the county emergency management official politics on social media for the repeated notifications said they were reporting the problem to their provider ever bridge was confident the issue had been rectified and does not intimidate in eating additional duplicate weather notifications duplicate weather facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has special privacy features on the platform that's just the company's been operating a two tiered privacy system favoring its leadership over its users according to but feet buzzfeed news.

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