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And the nations to the church. Thank you for your faithful support. Now, here's our speaker Docker Michael's? To Lutheran pastors are sitting in an outdoor cafe in Germany. When an announcement comes over the radio. It's a newsflash France has surrendered the date is June seventeenth nineteen forty the darkness of war is descending upon the world. Germany's charismatic leader Adolf. Hitler had sent thousands of military vehicles rolling into France to continue the Nazi conquest of Europe. And the people around the cafe when they heard the news of their country's latest triumph as stood and they cheered. And they sang some stood on tables and shares and they put out their arms in the signature salute to their leader, fewer Heil Hitler and the younger pastor. Quiet and conscientious man sat shocked when he saw his older friend his mentor. His fellow pastor who until this very moment had publicly denounced Hitler. He was shocked when he saw him stand up and put out his arm and shout Heil Hitler. And then he whispered to his friends still seated at the table, put out your arm. Are you crazy? We will have to run many risks for many things. But this silly salute is not one of them. The pastor who urged his friend to shout Heil. Hitler was Dietrich on Hefer that seem comes from the book. Bon Hefer has ter- martyr profit spy a recent biography of the man by Eric Metaxas. And I was shocked when I read that scene in the book of all the people who would stand and shout Heil, Hitler Dietrich. Bon hey, for this is the man who would just five years later be put to death for his participation in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Why would Bon hey for collude with the darkness like that? As Eric Metaxas. Puts it in his subtitle already Dietrich bond. Hey for was on his way to becoming a spy a double agent. He was working in the darkness to overcome the darkness shortly after Hitler had come to power, many officials in the German government were already working to conspire against him and overthrow the Nazi party. Dietrich bond. Hey, brother in law was one of them, and he got Dietrich a job working for the German military intelligence. And so this man this man who many consider as a hero many consider as a shining example of Christian, courage and conviction in the face of indefinable of evil. This man was actually an agent of the Nazi government. At least it seemed on the surface in truth. He was working through the darkness to overcome the darkness officially Bon. Hey for was pretending to be a pastor. So that he could gather military intelligence for the Nazis, unofficially. He was a double agent. He was only pretending to be pretending. And in fact, he was serving. As a pastor and conspiring to overthrow the Nazi regime. So was he pretending or was he only pretending to be pretending. I run into a similar conundrum. When I listened to the last half of the twelfth chapter of the gospel of John. In this chapter. We hear Jesus preached publicly for the last time before he's crucified. It is the beginning of the final showdown the ultimate battle between good and evil. The clash between light and darkness. The hour has come Jesus has come to do battle the light versus the darkness. Now, if you doubt that there is such a battle. If you doubt that there really is a battle between good and evil. Consider the countless stories across cultures throughout the world that that anticipate that reflect this battle between light and darkness countless stories in our own culture. We have many examples we've got Dorothy versus the wicked witch. We've got Sherlock Holmes vs. Moriarty? We've got Shrek versus Lord Farquaad. That last one might be a stretch. But you get the point countless stories understand that there is a battle raging between good and evil between light and darkness. And this is the battle that John has been narrating from the beginning of his book. Jesus has come to do battle with the adversary. Adversary in Hebrew is subtle on Satan. The adversary and Jesus has come to confront him. Jesus has come to cast him out to dispel the darkness from God's creation. God's world that he made. And so loved listen to how John sets it up all the way back in chapter one. And then we'll skip to chapter twelve chapter one. Remember John said in the beginning was the word and the word. Word was with God. And the word was God. He was with God in the beginning through him all things were made. And nothing was made without him. In him was life, and this life was the light of humanity. The light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness has not been able to put it out. And then in John chapter twelve Jesus said to the crowd. For just a short time more. The light is with you. Walk while you have the light. So that the darkness does not overcome. You. Whoever walks in the darkness does not know where they are going. Trust in the light. While you have the light. So that you may become sons of the light. And after Jesus said these things he went away and hid himself from them. So many signs Jesus performed for them. So many signs Jesus performed before there is but still they continued not to trust in him. This was to fulfill the word of the prophet Isaiah who said Lord who has trusted what he has heard from us to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed, and so they were not able to trust. Because as I said, again, he has blinded there is and he has hardened their hearts so that they do not see with their eyes, and they do not understand with their hearts and turn. And I would heal them. Is area spoke of his glory of Jesus glory, and he.

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