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Other scientists understand that we said that we this is what happened to mice in these situations and it's hard when you're a journalist who make sure you're not communicating scientists have demonstrated you should be careful about your cell phones like well no they haven't unless you're unless you're a mouse and you live in a little house for which the roof is a huge cell phone yes definitely well this is a big market for radiation proof pillowcases phev ranking my phone with me at all times and about it i would pay a lot of money for that all right let's we're close to the end of the show i hear i wanna make sure we get everything in oh here's another one i'm here's some happy to end with happy news the fcc is approved space x plan to launch four thousand four hundred twenty five satellites for a broadband network that will blanket the earth and radiation yeah i was about to say that's awesome before we did the last no one hundred miles think of it has like this this new network is selling network is going to be like a faraday cage that protects us from space radiation until the solar flare knocks out both it and us and then kind of this is why don't want elon must end up in a cardboard box the tearstained face feigned saying bank 'cause i want spacex to do this they'll have to start launching a lot of if they're going to get four thousand four hundred twenty five up the the part of the agreement says that they will launch at least half of these satellites within six years so the fcc says yeah but you gotta get two thousand two hundred up quick the falcon launch i didn't know this carry to spacex test satellites global broadband the services be called starling that's awesome i love that stalling and they will be purely high altitude at one thousand one hundred fifty kilometers that's high right john that's not a but you do that so you have.

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