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Chef Patrick o'connell author James Patterson and the Claremont institute a conservative think tank in upland not Claremont the second crash in studio city this is on the one oh one freeway it's making your way north bound coming up on coldwater canyon that's where the two right lanes have been blocked in big delays are loading up getting away from the one seventy and the drive along the one thirty four west found backing up and to to local lake from calling it to the one seventy one a one split they're also seeing some traffic served up for the sixty freeway it looks like this is a works out traveling eastbound as you approach paramount or make that Rosemead Boulevard was recently restrictions in place and that is for overnight construction they should wrap up shop at about six in the morning but until then we're still seeing quite the backup getting away from paramount Boulevard if you see any problems you can always tells about them eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I mean to Martinez all right please share your personal experiences to him I'm sorry I was in yellow is not which I never read this five I will win off memory and then I went to read the commercial next on the top it's it's direction not actually I'm sorry all right anyway C. B. these are the potent compound extracted from the hemp version of cannabis and now you may associate with marijuana you wouldn't be wrong to do that but you don't get high you're just gonna get some potential relief from whatever is ailing you about CB is the talk of the town it's sort of like the wild wild west though where there are some companies that what is on the label of the bottle is not actually in the bottle but what you can do is trust my guys at C. B. distillery dot com.

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