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So Sara Josefa Josefa Hail. I like Joseph. I hadn't considered Josefa. That's a good one too. That sounds really biblical. Like she's does. She suddenly just grew a beard without a moustache. Yes like come to me. Jeff and let me put oils on your feet. Right exactly what? I was thinking where remember. Congressman was literally anointed. Someone's Ashcroft I think wasn't it flesh it yeah. What a bizarre time it was. I think it was it was Ashcroft. You're totally right I. He also sang some Weird Patriotic Song about the Eagle flying high around the same time he got some bad press. Everybody was while you're bonkers buddy. Oh Man I miss that guy. He was fun for the News Cycle. He really was All right so Sara. Josefa moved to Boston in eighteen. Twenty eight she was a poet and a writer and she was actually the editor of the very first women's magazine in the US called Gaudi's ladies book and it was here in Boston that she met a man named Lowell Mason. Who was a musician and composer? Who said you know what if we get some of these Poems and set them to music they would be called songs and we can use these in schools to make a little kids good. Moral kids When I think of lull This kind of folk musician. Children's music study proponent guy. Have you ever seen that? Mister Show where David Cross is like the guy who sculpted the little the little body that he moves from Appalachian Folk Art that Guy. That's who I think of when I think this guy you know Kinda weird and Hapless Mike out of it and All like his whole focus is learning to to to get music into schools for children. And I don't know why but it's really stuck in there you know Or Buddy Scott Ackerman wrote for mister show and it was kind of his entree into the entertainment industry and he does eight. Yeah he does a spot on impression of Bob Odenkirk. Oh Yeah Oh. It's great that it's very funny all right so mason. Inhale are writing songs. Together they fifteen poems to music called poems for our children and We should point out that the original tune that they wrote for her version of Mary had a little lamb was not the familiar melody that we know that came on later. I think yeah Apparently that comes from a British song that goes Merrily we roll along roll along roll along merrily we roll along over the dark blue sea. Nice Oh thank you. Thank you I. I've practiced pretty extensively for on key. I'm little tone deaf this little pitchy but it was fine. Okay I'll go with. It was fine knows good but yeah that came on later the original melody. I don't think we know that. Do we know but if you can get your hands on juvenile liar. Lear Y. R. E. The book that it was originally in I think the notes are in there. Okay it sounds like in a Gaza Davita Goto so Mary Sawyer Going back to her the little girl who allegedly actually nurse this little lamb who followed her around and stalked her. She said you know what those first three verses of your poem Ms Hale is exactly like the ones that John Rolston wrote about my true story. What is up with that yet? I guess she just thought that. Somehow Sarah Josefa Hail Had Gotten her hands. Somehow on this. This poem that John Rolston had written for in just expanded on that Inserted Joseph Hale was like no. That's not it at all. I made this whole thing up from scratch using strictly my imagination. I've never heard of you or your delightful. Little story from your childhood about the lamb. Sounds totally made up by the way right and so this was like so. Now you had to upstanding women Sarah just for hail the founder of the Steve American holiday Thanksgiving and Mary Sawyer who went on to become the matron of her local hospital. Were basically saying that one another was lying without saying that one another was lying and to towns like reputations were on the line yeah and they they actually as Older ladies signed sworn statements. Saying that what they were saying was true and correct and it kind of went on like this for a little while and I promised Henry Ford and here we're going to deliver because in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven Automobile magnate Henry Ford got involved and was firmly in the Mary Sawyer camp firmly. He was just a fan of hers. I guess because he bought the original frame from that red schoolhouse in moved it to Berry where he owned a an in and he wrote a book about this called the story of Mary and her little lamb I find that him moving into Sudbury confuses. The story tremendously because it just takes too small towns and adds a third one on necessarily if yet sure you know but yes Sir Henry Ford Road. Sixty page book this basically touting Mary Sawyer story much to the Chagrin of the town of Newport New Hampshire in its historical society Into this day they will say like Henry. Ford made a great car I don't know how he would be really as an historian so you know. His opinion doesn't count for much. What I want to know is what was on the other fifty six pages. You know yeah. Couldn't it taken more than four to tell this little story? No I know. I don't know what he he talked about. I think my my joke bone is broken because I can't come up with anything stupid. Well it depends on the there are very much to camps here into this day people that defend hail. I mean people that defense lawyers are like you know. This is sweet sweet girl who had the sweet story. Why would she make this up until it her whole life right? Inhale defenders were like well. Why would she just conjure up this poem out of thin air or I mean why would she copy it and claim she conjured up from thin air because like she wouldn't have even known about this poem yes she just from what I can tell? She doesn't seem like the type who would have committed plagiarism. And then stuck to the lie her entire life. Yeah a mystery mystery and even Henry Ford couldn't solve it but to end this one because we don't really have a resolution to it there is Like the the full poem by Sir Joseph Hale Ends Pretty Acutely because she's talking about how Everyone wanted to know why the lamb loved Mary so much and in the pullman says well it's because Mary loves the lamb back and then it ends with an you. Each gentle animal in confidence may bind and make them follow at your will if only you are kind and that sweet thing to teach little kids be kind to animals and you can basically be the boss of them yes and you will never be serial killer. That's right because you're kind of them rather than torture tried. Let's it for short stuff. Everybody we're at stuff you should know is production of iheartradio's how stuff works for more podcasts. My heart radio. Visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows..

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