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Booth on the concourse of citizens Bank. Park, where the. Fills may or may not play the Padres tonight it is. Raining really raining yeah it's it's not. It's not giving a drizzle raining no you're right there was no period we're like spitting a little drizzle no. It's raining right now and obviously the fields. Covered up the game supposed to be at seven oh five tonight you could. Push back push it back according to the forecast it's going to rain through the. Night is, it so that doesn't, look like there's going to be a, window where they can say maybe eight. Thirty we can get a good five innings in it. Looks, like it's gonna rain. Until like the wee hours. Of the morning so I don't know, what they're gonna do in. Terms of if they postpone it and again. If they do everybody listening will be the. First, to know. Should they postponed Phillies and Padres. Tonight which has a seven oh. Five, star time. Leading off at six. O'clock but it San Diego's only. Tripped, in town to the east coast that is so I don't know if they'll go double header. Tomorrow, which I. Know is like a last resort maybe they'll find a makeup. Date where maybe San Diego somewhere else. On the east coast at one point and during a common off day they'll get together here at citizens Bank. Park but if that situation presents itself we'll. Talk about it but as of right now four hours from now Phillies will. Take on the Padres here at citizens Bank park fills had a good start to. The second, half last night eleven, to five wait a minute wait a, minute what a good start It was really. Match it was. There was a. It was a. It was good victory Getting a good start Jake. Arrieta been horrible horrible Pitches were in. The dirt in the first but I think you get kind of frustrated because I was watching them in some of the pictures that. There were not, getting contracts we're actually strikes but, he's Umpire last night has a very tight strike zone which does not help the speed of. The game on it NFC the game it is it, was, like, you, you. Can. See him getting frustrated because it's like when, they were showing it didn't help that they were showing the aerial view any he's like right there on eight of the players like. Oh man right, right exactly You're right, but either way he gave up five runs in three and. A third four and but. He the way he. Gave a five runs at three and a third forgot it's making that kind of money it's not accepted had we had this discussion. With coach was left became was last week we Agni, a, week, or, last. Week Accurate we've talked about him having a bad month was June June, is a good start, to July, and again started yesterday but it's like we just. Like you said will you. Make that amount of money. Now you you don't get to you get to, you but you don't get to have bad. Months you're right you're right bad you're paid to, be consistent to be the workhorse to..

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