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Was go look in and continue to think. Was you know neat. I wouldn't like it's on a hard rule. I mean if i was inspired and late in the other day my daughter do something a little heart with like all her family's names in it and she's like i wouldn't get another tattoo you but if i did this would be it for my ma call. That would be. That would be nice. That's that's the only kind of thing. I could see but And what is your favorite fruit. What a great question. I i love them all but i guess like a perfect plum. Like a plum. That's john right. You know right there. Sour and sweet. I mean those walk a lot. I think they're called. They're like the green the green ones. Yeah those are great. Oh i'm had a good plum in a long time Who would you wanna play you in a pic in your bio poo i..

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