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I think there are so many reasons why I get why people wanna talk about expansion, and I'm kind of with Tim on this where if you're getting the actual for best teams, then expansion doesn't really matter. They're actually getting the four best teams. That's the point of it. That's what it should be. And I think what we always have to keep in mind as a committee changes every year. So one committees four best teams be different from the next Lord. I don't like, and we're all we're all advocates college football. I don't like the way we had the semi finals and then New Year's day, and they'll college football now is center stage. But it took a no about one thirty today. Day for people to get move away from the wild card games, especially the one late last night to start concentrating on that in. And then the big is talking to Steven Naismith today on his radio show. And and he said Paul tell me how you know. How can you get New York City and Philadelphia involved in college football? It's very difficult. You spent a lot of time up there. And so do you. And to me this game tonight is deserving of of the the nation's attention, but I'm still night's Sher outside of the umbrella around college about gets ever really gonna get New York or LA, and do you need it college? Football is amazing. But they've never those areas. Have never said, oh, this is our sport in just want them to pay more attention. I mean, the what day is is college game day went to New York City and had one of the most incredible shows ever people show up. There are all these restaurants and bars in New York City that are specific to know great. Yeah. And I do think that I think that is a little bit of a misnomer that New York isn't as Baden. I'm with you though. I mean, they're always going to be the towns that are more pro sport town at the differences, those those people have come from other places where they say they were there. Transplants. They're decided by the the amount of people that watch and what needs to happen tonight. And I think this will happen. It needs to be an incredibly competitive fighting game. If it's not then that I do think I have no fatigue with this matchup. I love this matchup the two teams, but it needs to be nothing on the east coast. Then we'll start flipping off. Whether they're football fans are not sure. But one more thing about the playoff is what's special about college football that the NFL doesn't have regular season. Every game matters too. Many teams it dilutes it a little bit that SEC championship between Alabama. And all of a sudden becomes not nearly as important backing felt like a play watch Paul exactly until tonight. Hopefully, one of the best. Okay, guys. I know you have other things to do. Your. Have such a crowd behind all here for you. That's amazing. You are such a big deal around these parts. I'm big in Silicon Valley. No, you know, love you over apple Google. I just glad you could start to show up. We'll see you guys later on look forward to it. We're.

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