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Know you're coming days coming weeks, maybe even months is going to be hard for the families affected. I know so many that are hurt that a hurry emotionally hurt physically lost homes. Families sheriff's department says dozens of people missing since the storm Senate Foreign Relations committee members are angry following a private briefing by Trump administration officials because of the lack of new information on the killing of journalist Jamal Koshi the White House failed to submit a report by a one hundred twenty day deadline. Some lawmakers say there's a chance of placing new sanctions on the government of Saudi Arabia. I'm Tim Maguire more news right after this. With Amazon music of voices. All you need. Alexa, play Whitney Houston on Amazon music. Okay. Get access to over fifty million songs. Download the music app today holds onto the top spot. In the nation's theaters for a second straight week AP's. Ben Thomas has a look at the weekend box office results. It's a hidden dragon. How to train your dragon the hidden world at an estimated thirty million dollars in North American theaters this weekend, but close on its tail a d. Perry's Medina movies often get four reviews, but they do make money and the latest is no different has your daddy. Family funeral earned an estimated twenty seven million dollars in its debut. Carey has said this will be the final installment of the media franchise. Alita battle angel is third followed by the LEGO movie to a musician. I'm about to embark on a concert tour in the deep south Bethlehem. Winter green book gotta post Austria's bump to finish it number five. I'm Ben Thomas. Thousand nine hundred sixty eight copy of life magazine with the Beatles on the cover has been returned to in Ohio library by a borrower who apologized for stealing it as a kid the cuyahoga county public library says it received the apology this week from someone named Brian who acknowledged taking it from a suburban Cleveland branch the year. It was published the library caps lead fees at one hundred dollars which is good for Brian because the normal fine of ten cents a day over fifty years would have exceeded eighteen hundred dollars a library spokesman says the libraries forgiving and things Brian for doing the right thing. A copy of the magazine today fetches around fifty bucks online the library expects to put the magazine on display. Classes are back on in Oakland AP's met small reports. Teachers in the district of come together on a new deal. Teachers in Oakland California returning to school today. One day after union members voted to approve a new contract deal with disk. Strict officials the agreement which includes an eleven percent salary increase in a one time. Three percent bonus was reached after three thousand teachers went on strike back on February twenty first prompting seven days of marathon negotiations for higher pay smaller, classes, and more school resources. I'm Matt small. AP radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump says he will cooperate with a broad House Judiciary committee.

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