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Split talk about two hundred bucks in his his interview for for for because it's called john tobu mountain some six. It's quite impossible. He basically is trying to refuse to talk me questions. John fulham stock way starts of admiring the chinese. Go down the street and goes into see how you love. Oriental franken revolt. He talks david marks. She's interesting all judging outdrawing leaving the bounce become a dentist then coming around again try to grow some dumb. Murray wilson doesn't really answer the question. He goes into the thing about how mari wilson gotten contracted to capitol records and what he called indentured. Servitude millennialism used to have indentured servitude. Remember that seventeen hundreds or something. You'd leave england you go to worden cotton cottonfields for a while but then in nineteen sixty one. They called it a ventured servitude capitol records recording contract and we were living net under that miserable for about two. And i don't mean fill abouts. How many years. Nine years years. I finally got. You'll find. File finally got a decent contract with a respectable one. That's not a prostitute of are beautiful ours. Yeah prostitution involve useful on. I mean it's it's interesting to hear what love so bitter about cavalry quits. Well that's probably true about the deal that the set the deal. Mary wilson negotiate recap coast but mike. Love is also the person who just before in february just before the pandemic took his beach boys to play to some kind of convention over a trophy hunting company. Which the keynote speech was given by donald trump. Junior charles schumer high lamas and he's accusing funding twenty. He was actually to produce on points that his flown out to meet them. And bruce johnston labels. I'm the guy go to talk to. She was one point. Shawn's short story on the. He's in that playing off the end of the football game in some matt stadium in and they're in the dressing room and he's talking to one of them. I think it probably is bruce. Johnson them present since being fantastic read about my love which point a locker opens might love steps locker. He'd been sitting local meditating and they played their clayton twin engine. Football stadium is. That's the song publican. Each is the weirdest beach boys gig. Who went to grosvenor house in the ballroom of the grosvenor house on part lane. Nine seventy seven the cbs records international convention which they would fill every room to grab house with people from all over the world. They're salesmen and people affiliates and every night. They would have a concert with their artists and one night. They had the beach boys. Unbelievable that was they flew. The beef was in. Just play to this in the in the basement. Boredom clinton nice place and brian was there and that was the first time i'd seen brian live with the rest of the beef. They've they've played a she like. How often how no more. But i do remember there a moment when might love physically elbowed brian aside and it was one of those diana ross. Mary wilson moments twenty-fifth murder ratio in the the vibe those public. I mean this is a good much to the whole. Brown is back kind of you know a movement to the mid seventies and i wondered whether or not we could see bruce johnston talking precisely bow issue. Absolutely what is kind of about that but also about them..

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