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We'll see assembles beauty pageants a and laws like raquel offered me how pasta give the two folk with me bitch because i will fuck up fuck your fat man he's gonna get booed with you and then move onto the next young pretty blonde and then recalls like but recount offered me her pasta fuck with big bitch nouri says life fog late on my bed no the fuck with my bitch rough up with your man she's getting really really he's galaxy is thorough seized at this point she's getting really really mean to la la answers like i literally said that racket offered her plans uh i had literally said that bracket offered or boston error pasta and then she started like hit me in the balls i was like you need to be reached wrong racket 'cause like to talk about the damn pasta get over it you roads bit of brits thereto and pasta says the you've always saying that because i talked to a aitor pasta honey honey you faulk the fat man okay you've talked about he pays for your reds much pastas your matt eat all i have another for that all the pasta you learn that from your man those batman as eating other people's posture spurred also james your fucking of fat old guy for rent too so let's stop pretending and you could see that brimming behind lalas eyes who's like wait a second so you're mad that i'm fucking of fat rich guy for range rover because you're fucking your fat rich guy for like a mattress on the floor let's not pretend that i can't ruin your entire game right now falker exactly so she's like you know what you can't say whatever you want learn your fucking place mother thukar otherwise you're gonna learn real bass what when you look and i'm not there at all you see is an empty bowl pasta.

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