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Work fuck capitalism fucking to the ground. Look it right dan. Lewis fucking downtown. Who we can give me. Did you find out the leases. yes i did. I then was looking up obtuse to make sure obtuse does have two meetings. You are right. And i saw sleaze. Triangles a triangle. That has two sides of equal length. So that's a very specific time. We'll show you an image of one here amid a. b. exactly though pyramid has a square base. That just ahead yes. Yup sure pyramid probably isn't isosceles. Triangles you're also right. Oh yes. I did we did you. Some video about their about If someone's theory on pyramids. But there's like i guess evidence that pyramids were actually like could unquote power plants again. Like no one. Don't don't call me out. Internet like i'm just raising the novel instagram video. That i saw so. I don't know facts are power plants. They had like graphite and something at the top of the pyramid to to attract electricity leg interest. Lightning and that energy would be used to like go through the city. I mean i buy. I think that like earlier civilizations were very very ingenious. And i think it's hard. It was hard because they didn't have the technology to capture the things that they were doing. But again internet come from me. I don't know we don't know we're not going to do this in an archaeologist. Yes my guy can say time. Archaeologists theologists today. Say you did. Thank you very hard for me. It didn't roll off my fucking tongue. Okay thank you. I often think about like the olden days. And like how like. It must've been like hard brosseau fun. Why do you think he spent like if you lived in like egypt like oh my god all that sand and stuff. Oh my god all that sand and stuff around in the sand like playing in the sand. Milton pyramids i know nothing about earlier. Civilizations i truly do we learned about like the mayans and the incas with like those there in mexico They may lead in the sand. Don't constantly playing fan parting. You play and then you have your lunch break in the sand and right before you go to sleep. Kicks them saying. I think if you live in a place that is very sandy. Probably sort of like sandy. You know you're like let me enjoy the sand. That's what you do in your beach vacation. Yeah you're right okay. All right fine fine they. They weren't playing in the sand. The dancing emma sand. They've they probably actually were but like everyday occurrence fame way okay so like early early early civilizations they were like in mexico we had our indigenous folks here in the united states and then why people the white people come from. We're the fucked way people come from. I think it's pretty involved. But i think it's like because they again basing this off of really hearsay that piece together over years of my life but i think it's like when people emigrated from africa to colder weather countries The lack of sunlight and vitamin d. They were getting changed their skin town. Oh so it's not like they came from. They did come from places. But it's like they evolved to look different you all To your byron. Oh yeah and then there's paying g uh they're sure all continents were together they were is that how okay so before. Png broke apart which is like fuck you like. Did some people like just travel over to mexico wasn't panja and then it was like. Oh we're moving away. Like the titanic. Just like just they just landed somewhere else mirror man. It's hot here. I have no idea where people on fangio or is it. I don't actually know people have been on panji eh because how did everyone get to mexico from africa. That's a long ride build a buck and africa. We've both through back then. So the miami took a boat from africa to mexico. I think. I don't know. I think both been around for a very long time. Awesome the only seemed to know the my egos and the people who built the pyramids egypt win. I'm sorry can we. I didn't even read what you put up on the screen. Can you with a back. What was the first phases of homo sapiens. Developed less than two million years ago penn jia the supercontinent existed approximately three hundred thirty five years ago. Wait no three hundred thirty. Five million years ago it would be impossible for any species that even slightly classify as humans listed on panja. So my theory is wrong. You away on the country's as they parted so okay you mean to tell me that like people appeared on africa and like shit. We're here and they're were like let's fucking build a boat and get the fuck out outta here and then went to mexico to become izing impact. And they're like hey. Do you mind me singer and now the americas are thought to have been the first established by people from eastern asia who crossed the bering land bridge rich but there was a land bridge to present. Day alaska the land separated and the continents are divided by the bering strait. Okay so they crossed the bridge. Okay so they were walking. I mean they must've mad where they were at to walk all the way to alaska from from asia. Yeah the barren. Land bridges between russia and alaska. There they're like really close together even now and there used to be land and that land has since sunk underwater. So it used to be just connected russian alaska. Whoa so we made fun of sarah palin but she could probably really actually see russia from her house that she really good bitch. She's like that's why i know international policy. Wow i didn't realize it. Alaska was so close to russia. You could walk. You could just walk to fucking russia. Oh my god if we if we go to russia we could just fly to alaska. I mean i think there's other ways supplied arrested fly.

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