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Bruins Wednesday afternoon at four on news radio. W F L A the Home of the bolts. PM Tampa Bay. I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening, Morgan lashes back along with James Berland er on the board, so a mural was put together was painted In front of Tampa Police Department headquarters over the weekends and all purpose buying. This was supposed to be to show support for law enforcement here in the Tampa Bay area. But I guess the organizer who was putting this whole thing together, was seeking approval to do the mural. Never got the approval and then just decided to go forward with it over the weekend, and they they stopped traffic like they put up cones so they could do it there. Look, we're just going to ask for forgiveness. We don't care mission. That's basically what they did. The city didn't approve it, so they went with Paint and orange cones and did it anyway. Oh, my God. And look, I don't have a problem with a back the blue mural in front of the Tampa Police department. But If you're going to do it, make it look good. This looks like Like a couple of 10 year olds put together a mural. I mean, it's it's It's not The lines aren't smooth. The the ribbon is off. It's horrible. You can't read it at all. You have no idea what it says. Unless you have the context behind that, right. Look like it looks like it says B O Yeah, K ck bock bock, But that doesn't make that doesn't make any sense. No, you're gonna do something this bowl bowl that you know, has actually gonna upset a decent amount of people in the Tampa Bay area needs atleast do it really well. It's it's just and I'm not saying this because you know of any other reason. Then just the look of it. It's like one of the worst murals I've seen, like there had been a ton of black lives matter. Murals and all of that been put all over the place in different cities across the country, and they all Like when you have the overhead shot or even a street level. You know what it ISS this one? You kind of sort of know because of the color scheme, and it's got that, you know, support law enforcement that thin blue line color scheme to it, But It's just It was done horribly like did they have no artist with? Um Well, they had a chance to do something cool with that. I personally do not care. Put in your oar of whatever you want on the street. This is not a penny. It does not bother me. And they could have made a lot of national headlines for doing something great. Like having local artists like the Black lives matter in ST Pete did or having local lawn for helping to paint or something. If you've got the permission, and you did it well, it could have been a really big move. For this movement that they're trying to draw attention to what they did it so that it just makes them look kind of silly and the sea and the K. They're like connected and the K doesn't It doesn't look It doesn't look like a K. It's a mural about backing police. But you did it essentially illegally without the proper permits, like there's no one seen irony there. That's crazy again. I look if you want to do it back the blue mural in front of the Tampa police department that actually makes sense. I mean, I wish we didn't have to have competing murals. I wish that could be one mural like Hey, black lives matter and We should support law enforcement, like a little combination of the two will be nice, something like that. But I guess that's not in the cards these days. But if you're going to do this, especially, we're going to do it when you don't have the permit, and you're going to block traffic with orange cones on your own, make it look good. Wouldn't it be kind of funny if Tampa police officers walked out to arrest the people having the proper permits and for obstructing traffic in the middle of the street? Now, that would've been all right. Coming up next, the president's been talking about potentially shutting down Tic tac. This at that the kids were using It's it's lit. That's what I'm told its eyes. Is that the term? It's it's fresh or something. Yeah, Those are OK 1009. We're going to tell you all about it. Next PM Temple Bang on CBS ion veterans presented by University of Maryland Global.

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