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Game. We're gonna hook you up with. A gift card to liberty brewery in grail it is high. Point's oldest brewery you can discover, liberty brewery, and grill for a great lunch I four wins I'm ready, Katie reading I guess all right, here we go first. Question name something you would buy in a grocery store starting with the letter. A. avocados I heard Katy I. I don't think I have a stuttering promise but used against One nothing Katie over, Jared next question Name something people are afraid of starting with the letter s one. To Katie to nothing over Jared. Beforehand clearly collusion real. Still drunk Killing me all right next question name a popular food ordered at restaurants starting with the. Letter p pizza one popcorn Katie Not quite as Leading to two, one? Over Jared right Thank you judges impartial name an instrument that, you would see in a marching band starting with the letter t. Toda to, bus Thai I got I got Kane I heard I heard a. Time I will guarantee it's Katie. I think. It was Michigan It. Was I respect the judges And you know he's wrong ninety percent of the Thank you Thank you The one name something you would buy at, the mall starting with the, letter c. Close one I'm sorry three yes three, to one Eighty Better when my brain is not working properly Shot before she planning to one Katie name something you would buy at a convenience store starting with the letter m. I do Okay Mountain dew. There You're going to give, it. The Katie Matt I'm giving it to Jarrod for mountain. Dew Oh good Like your shirt by. The way. Thank, you He said. For you Neck with his hair coming out. Of the, top known all. Right three to. Haiti all right name something you would see at the dentist office starting with the letter..

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