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And today I am not joined by Mr Ben Higgins but I am here with one of the summer's biggest reality stars. John Paul Jones balance is and it's his first time on the most famous podcast super excited. Thank you for having me Ashleigh. He's here looking just like a Disney prints friends the way that we've always imagined him to look. Have you gotten that before here and there because like you literally look like a cartoon you're like James Marsden and enchanted taste like pops out of the car and he's a real human. That's so funny here and there some you bachelor People Tend to bring that up. I think it's funny funny. It's awesome. I mean who doesn't WanNa look like a Disney print. Let's talk about the first time we met you just kind of ran. I like just so much. In the bottom towards jared who at the time was that was my fiance. We were at crystal and courses wedding in paradise. And you didn't care about anyone else there except for Jarrett and tell me why that was. Yeah sure so. I'm not really familiar. I don't consider myself a bachelor person. I'd never really frequently watched the show. But Jared has one of the very few people do remember from Kaitlyn Bristowe is my sister's. Watch it incessantly. During the summer and for whatever reason I just remembered his face because he kind of looks like Tom I'm crews hasn't he probably has a sharper JAL on Tom Cruise. These huge like rear cheekbones. I just he's just a memorable guy and he's one of the few people I remembered from the show and I was just excited to see him. I think he took if I remember properly. I think he took it pretty hard loss on on the Kaitlyn Bristowe season. I just remember he was top for he definitely. Has You know sentimental goodbye for whatever reason that's the only thing I remember from that season I can tell you who else was on season. But I remember jared that is so sweet and you don't even know how much you made his day year by calling saying he you know he may I remember after the first episode of the Bachelorette he deemed me and I was totally blood. Yeah I think it was the first episode and you know I didn't really get that much attention after that but jared the to me and told me like. Hey you're Ashley lives favorite would have really. I was really flattered by it. He he's he's is a he's a good guy. I'd keep them around for life commitment life. I'm glad to say that. Oh congratulations formally address. Thank you but You just Tom. Cruise is one of his top. Three man crushes. I think Tom Cruise is sort of the epitome of like man status like every guy growing up wants to be Tom Cruise. And your significant other happens to look and it's really funny. Because he sounds down so much like him especially when he gets passionate if he's like really ranting about something. It's like Jerry Maguire and I love it. That's awesome awesome okay. So did you watch the episode last night I did. I'm familiar with some of the key highlights from IT I. I don't think people to keep up with all the names but that's fine. I think I'm looking through my notes right now and I'm thinking there's really only like four names that you really need to know how. `Bout Mattie how do you feel that Mattie because I want to start with a little gossip going on on in the world about Mattie. Please give me so on the one on last week. Oh Yeah Yeah you know. I really liked her. She was really reserved. You know during during the whole wedding bell exchange and What was it Yeah she was. She didn't draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. You kind of respected. The whole process of no kidding did know pizza family without being too overbearing. You know kind of giving off that vibe that look at me. I'm on this reality. TV show whatever. She didn't really try too hard. There was a really nice. It's sort of a natural charisma about her. Yeah I think everybody left with like a great taste in their mouth last week. Can I ask you a question. The girl who walked up to Pete put a blindfold on him immediately started making out with him. Yeah what do you think would have happened if somebody from my season did that to go to. I know it's such a risky move but I duNno. I thought it was really cold. I don't I think Pete's such a nice guy I think he may. He may be a little submissive in that respect. I don't think he's GonNa you know Turner Girl Down from kissing him. But I don't know I thought maybe there could be a little bit the the little bit of a double standard there usually double standards when it comes to. Oh I know I know I was just really thrown back by that because I don't think anybody on my this season could have gotten them. Maybe Tyler camera could have gotten away with doing with Hannah Brown. But I. That was a risky move about admired it. And just kind of made me ponder you know. The guy did that to a girl I know I know that was a risk. Anyway anyway you have to admire in question at the same time it was interesting. You Know Peter you spent weeks with him on the show. Tell us a little bit about him that you don't think that we would now. I think pizza very established in his career careers. A pilot. He's twenty eight years old and I think he's been single for awhile so I think this is a really a an appropriate time in his life to find someone that he really cares about. He's very passionate about flying. And you know I think You know he's really ready to find someone to share his life with. I agree with you. It's nice to see somebody who is so passionate worry about their career. Become a bachelor and you know that he's going to go right back to it. Yeah Yeah I mean look at his instagram stories. you know he's posting videos of himself in the cockpit. Yeah when I'm when he's not flying commercially you know I. I don't know what his you know family situations like that. Oh Yeah he's clearly flying these cool little like propeller plans and I mean you can tell the guy's really passionate about what he does. It's really cool to see and I think he's ready to share That passion with someone. He's very passionate the way that he kisses a girl unless yes surprisingly because he looks so I know I know. He comes off as kind of submissive but You know he he he definitely takes the reins when it comes to romance Totally and yeah. We totally talked P. S. last weekend he was saying that you know on an off day. He'll just go fly. Hi for. That's the coolest thing in the world. I mean that's bad ass. I mean who can do that. People that are incredibly established in their career and they have so much money. They don't know what to do with. Maybe they'll go for a joy ride Frank Sinatra talks about a lot of come fly with so that's what that's what he did right. Yes I like any. They don't have the right to that song. But did I know I know. But the point being Pete Pizza Cool Guy if he can just kind of go for a leisurely flight light whenever he wants. I mean it's pretty hard to compete with. I agree so let's get back to Matt now who want us all over last week but then there was some awkwardness miss. That happened on Thursday. This fan accounts. Yes so bachelor's Luther. This is an instagram account. They did some detective work over the past week. And this past Thursday Peru at Mattie Peru on instagram commented under at Mattie Peru's photo saying beautiful beautiful date Mattie. You are so genuine and real now on instagram. You can have multiple accounts and then switching between them log out of the APP and then log back in. You can just like the go-to your other account back and forth so like we do it with our dog. Hello did it like that. We're just treasures lying around okay so it seems as if you know. Whoever wrote put this comment under matty's instagram? Meant you know meant it to not come from matty's attack it would be kind of weird to write a compliment to yourself on your own. Yeah I guess so that is. That's definitely a little suspicious. The Not really here to condemn anyone I mean and there's no proof right we One of these things have to weigh it out and see what does this fan account onto posting in the future. That's true does this fan account or we don't even know if we don't even know that there is a compelling account. That's the speculation part. Okay Gotcha the speculates. It's very hard to describe guys but the speculation is that manny on. Her phone would have multiple accounts attached to her instagram and then she was on her regular personal on count and made the comment thinking on account definitely could have happened. Yeah Yeah I can definitely protested that to an agree. I think there was some John. Paul Jones Fan page out. I think but I think somebody could easily accused me for the same thing. Now I can guarantee you. I don't spend my time creating an account for myself commenting on my own photos. I mean I just don't really see how that could gain any sort of traction look I. I don't know I wish you the best Mattie look if you if you did it. I'm sorry. Looks a little bit conceded to the public. A little concede concede. It looks a little bit like Oh man. You're going to say that about yourself. It's less honestly. I think it's a less of her. Having offend account that she's running and more so W- what the comments that but at the same time there are much worse things you could do. There are a hell of a lot worse things out there so the grand scheme of things I I think you'll look at this and laugh Down the road I don't know but also in the US and the grand scheme of things this is going to be forgotten after this conversation on the podcast. More thing to add about it so it doesn't just end at that. It seems as if a friend appears appears to take credit for the instagram mistake in their their instagram handle is underscore a a underscore is underscored de underscore. Three three or four wrote. oops thought I wrote that comment about being real up. Yes he did okay from my accounts to mad cow when she got back from filming. Don't hate me at Mattie prue that it is awfully specific in very. Yeah I know someone is clearly trying to bail her out. Whatever I don't know Mattie you're not we're not charging charging you for any crimes but it is a little overwhelming Mattie then responded to a friend saying Ha? You're good it happens love I love you. Definitely all their okay. There's no actual proof of this but that is certainly what it looks I can. Yeah yeah sorry Mattie I have no bone to pick with you but in this instance it does look like you had you created a fan account. Oh well there they're worse things you could certainly are. How did you think of Mattia? And Peter's chemistry last night because last night he he gave her a photo from the nuptial renewal of the family. It was her in his family framed. Wow I know as a statement Amen. She clearly as a you know a great attention to detail and I think she just purports the fact that she's really serious about this whole endeavor Um and I was really impressed with her because again she was very humble and you know kept to herself and was not drawing unnecessary attention. That wedding so seems it's like a really cool girl you're saying she didn't. She did draw attention during a pain. Right you've learned a lesson Yeah we can talk about that later. Sure the no she was she seems like a cool girl. All right well we have. We don't have much more bachelor news that I think is like really important to talk about so I do want to jump into the episode. Let's start with Hannah. That's what we left off and lasts. That was it. It was the best part of last week's episode and this week we begin with the conversation continuing but less words this time. I am more hugging. Yup Yup Yup Yup. Yeah yeah that was interesting Hand is a great girl. She so charismatic and she's so much fun to around though your thoughts about her trying to get her back being that you know them both way better than I do our battle with the question. What do you think about a girl a girl who chose? There's two other men over him.

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