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The far more costly corona virus treatments so semantics in play always speaking of semantics I work in a radio broadcast booth I am a semi professional so is the E. Enver trees I'm looking at him through the glass were semi professional semi Ian Ian goes over and he's on the Q. M. S. machine all the time they were talking in these microphones and it's incumbent upon us to know when the microphones R. O. one have we made mistakes with open yes we all do that here's a problem too radios one thing because usually the idiot that you're talking on the radio is the one controlling the microphones which I can turn it on all well all on like that so I have control over that in S. control the Mike that he's got and the one you have technically that's right yeah you could shut down this whole room that's what it works the problem is when they put a microphone on you or you stand near a microphone like it that's at a podium or lectern is actually the proper word you should always just considerate hot this always considerate on Hey guess what happened president trump last night he said the F. word before he was actually on the air with that speech last night and I think through the magic of some sort of tribulation that Ian applied here you can't really hear him say the F. word but it's right here I got a PMR anybody.

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