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I just wondered if you had former players since that's how this all started. A former player is the one that had the story about the Astros. Could you have granted them any kind of immunity or you probably didn't even need to do that. Where you could have punished the Astros, and that was what was surprising that he had He had to give them immunity to get this information felt like it was there. For the taking. Well, The trouble is in the league found this out a long time ago when they investigated steroids in the Mitchell report. You can compel a coach or a manager or club executive to do an interview. You can't compel a player because they're represented by the players union. So the George Mitchell report at a ton of holes, not through anybody's fault on the Mitchell team, but because he said, I've got all this information. I'm gonna present what I have. But I asked the players to corroborate to sit for an interview to tell me what I got wrong and they just wouldn't do it. I think Manfred needed to make sure Look, I've got one I I I don't know his motivation. Maybe he's a truth seeker. Maybe he's a disgruntled ex employee who obviously isn't playing for the Astros anymore. I need to corroborate this information. And that's what he had at the time and again going forward. That won't be the pattern, but that's what they had, and that's what they did. I thought our horse eyes that a great line last night was that when l to ve struck out And then, he said, it's tougher when you're guessing than when you're knowing what's coming. The Dodgers television station, which is actually a team on station was Quite ah, in Mr Kelly's corner over the last couple days, and rightfully so these air, you know, employees that air number one paid by the team, But more importantly, these are guys that have played the game. Their respected guys like Coral, Nomar Garciaparra, Jerry Hurston, Junior And usually try and modulate. We have to say a little bit, but they were no holds bar. You know your Dodger fan and these guys were in your corner. And, frankly, a lot of people around baseball by that Joe Kelly was in the right because if you looked on social media yesterday, it wasn't just Dodger guys that were coming out to support Emma's. People like Marcus Stroman. You know Phil Hughes, Jarod Weaver, like guys who have been there. It said, you know, this is ridiculous. If he didn't buzz the tower Bill, if you just hit somebody in the back side, I mean, You accomplish what you want to accomplish, don't you? You D'oh. Now I know does said after the game that there is a widely circulated video during the time that the game was set down, he was at home working on a pitch. Try to hit the Hank Aaron pitch back and he broke his window. So you know, maybe is control isn't always the basket. I don't think short of truth serum. You're ever going to find out really how intentional it was. But again, you had three batters and four pitches and and that was certainly enough to believe if I asked the residents of Los Angeles you can have the Dodgers win the World Series of the Lakers win the N BA title this year. Well, if you can assure me that we can get enough people together and have a parade. Maybe I have an idea. But since we're just gonna have to sit at home and watch on zoom anyway, I'm not sure which one would be better, but Let's just say there have been a few Lakers parades in this talent since the last time the Dodgers won in 1988. The grainy black and white Kirk Gibson videos and, frankly, you know, his players like to say, You never know when you're going to get this chance again and against the Astros. The Dodgers got to Game seven of the World Series, and that's as far as the Dodgers franchise has gotten in the last 32 years. Good stuff. Bill is always safe Travels. We appreciate your time. All right, take care. That's bill shaken. He covers the Dodgers baseball for the Times. I watched a lot of that pitching matchup. I was really curious to watch Dustin May his second start. I didn't think he was great. This Christian hah! Beer with the Astros looked really good. So starting pitching was on display last night. Couple of phone calls in here. Jesse in Los Angeles Digest what you have for me today. Good Morning GP in the Dan It's morning. I'm so happy to have baseball back, but it seems like they just can't stop suit shoot themselves in the foot. Because with this punishment to Joe Kelly, which I'm glad you pointed out, was the first punishment for play out all of this, but with commissioner's offices, telling players and fans Is that they're willing to punish players for breaking the sorry they're not going to punish France for breaking under the written rules of baseball, but they are willing to punish for breaking unwritten rules of baseball. So where's the deterrent for not shooting moving board when this is a president that that set All right. Thank you for the phone call their chance. Chase in Charlotte joins us. What's going on, right? First a long time. 591 85. Question Every time Reggie called. Then he called you, Theodore. What's the What's that about? Your middle name is not Theodore, Is it? No. I don't. I think it goes back to Patrick. Allah wishes Ewing and then we started inserting middle name So he's Reggie. Allah Wishes Miller Junior. The third and I. He throws Daniel's Theodore. I don't know. It's it's our little pet names for one another damn pone. Yeah, back in the day and we started doing this. He would just throw that in with anyone he would say, Patrick. L wish issuing, But then you see, like Dirk Horatio Savitsky, and it is the middle aged. Not Horatio, Would you throw that in there? We just threw a names and then junior. The third is based off. Make love in with Robert Griffith. Junior, the third saris. Robert Griffin Junior, the third Imitating himself. I like the fact that it's not Griffith and it's not junior, but it is the third. And then I think Sal Paolantonio went on the mothership doing a report and Neither did Russell Wilson. Or or it was Robert Griffith Jr. Robert Griffin, Junior, the third opera Griffin Junior, the third and then we got a Cleveland Browns jersey, made up with RG three. Griffin Junior. The third on it when he was on Cleveland Club wasn't there. Broncos fullback named Griffith Howard Griffith out of Illinois. Yes, he has. What if he had a son? Howard Griffith Junior the third? Yes. And I might be making this part of it up, But I think that Andrew was doing a super early Heisman preview. Was that what? It was No beside already? I'd already gotten a little bit of pat on the back because I was early on the RG three train. Remember? That's a one early call I had. I was like this guy RG three. I'm hearing a lot about then I mess it up later on, already knew who he was. No. He gave us some content. That one was great. But then when you said Erin says to relax our e A l X was what you said. Aria, Alex Relax Thie Aaron Rodgers T shirt. We sold a lot of those T shirts. Aaron says Relax R E A L X Have a coffee, Marc, It's my favorite. Ah, you're a good sport about it. We'll take a break here. Last call for phone calls. What we learn what's in store tomorrow. Coming up next. Hiring could be difficult. But if you're a company that's currently trying to hire you face new difficulties and safely re opening your doors to find the right person for a specialized roll housing wire could relate..

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