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Home and the whole idea of a bad in this case could just as easily be riverbed or a place where that river ends near where you go and you could spend almost every single lyric to either be about meeting that some wonder finding that someone again or simply just getting to the place where you're comfortable and home and feel good and i think once people see that other side of it. It's almost impossible to unsee it. So great song. I wish he played more. I think it begs for kind of a rock band treatments but lyrically. It's also one of the smartest things he's ever done. And i love it. I now want to go pause. Go play it in. Listen to the lyrics. I appreciate that bella. What's your number five So it was very hard to number five because there are a lot of songs on this list that you know. And like you're not my favorite. Bruce but i liked him well enough i ultimately went with. I'm on fire which is at a complicated song for me because it does fall into. What am i least favorite things. That bruce does which is the use of the braves little girl. I think it makes all of his songs. A hundred percent crappier when he uses it. But i will make an exception for island fire. Because i really like this song and lately. I don't know if any of these saw there was a review in pitchfork of born in the usa. Like a review of you know a a new person reviewing the album and it got me thinking about how i think born in the usa is really like two different albums you have the you know springsteen rockabilly america heritage part of boredom usa. And then i think you have the like secret disco born in the usa album. And i think i'm on fire fits into that. Category of and those are my favorite tracks on board in. Usa are all disco influenced. One so i ended up going with. I'm on fire extending. It's a very intriguing in sexy love song. I said in the past that there is a fifty percent chance. If you throw a dollar into the tip jar of a singer like someone playing at a bar and go. Can you do a bruce springsteen song fifty percent chance of it just feels like that's a basic song. Almost everyone knows it it is A great choice. At and i and i do agree. I do every time. I hear that. Hey little girl was your daddy home like okay. Yeah she she's twenty seven you know. Let's let's let's with that chris. How.

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