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Fantastic gulf maron fellini tastic humiliate vanja one more time off through role time site it's like the old the belgian like taking on the frenchman belgian lebron much with the trade as the seconds ticked off the we'll say it probably pissed off venga more than a thing that it was the angry down the line in the brutal this way to score a goal in a way the venga used to this day in just the the bull lumped into the middle just i mean he he goes should be art they should be beauty but see this was this was busy and if you've played football any level you will know that a back of the head header on target into the corner that is about as difficult things i know that the two guys taught bins with sort of one fist on the ground and flying through the air with some sort of giant harnessed with a parachute in the other direction drag flying you firing lasers we'll never seen the two guys trying to score a goal of the back of their head from sort of alone bowl in the bulking by arsenal defender i'll tell you that is a really really really difficult goal to school and you could count on less than one hand primarily plays you could actually go and school you say swabs in belgium spurts that was really just the appetite yeah so the main course which was awesome vangere scurrying down the steps in share agony warm water oppose that's become really his greatest hit jay dubb's would say up there were seeing acis play wonderwall and james taylor thought about this he's got lyric one of his songs where he talks you almost moons about how strangers paying good money just to play fire and rain over and over and over again and that's what we go to see venga play his greatest hit impotent in defeated old trafford once again for all time say it was all such a way for arsenal to guarantee the lowest points total in the season though said real cheap to remain the only team to the lost every single away game in two thousand eighteen and to finish once again below spurs on the season at autistic eight tweeted us to say wisdom this actually you either.

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