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I'm just say I didn't eat in peace. Like a, he. Driving up to it was too late. I saw about that Jack of the bucks bag, and he's looking at me and tried to drought through and just try to look at the Moseley. Apart then. But if you. You haven't seen king of comedy. It is about is about a comedian sort of a guy who's on his way to being a failed comedian. Also who stalking a successful talk show host played by Jerry Lewis and that kind of turn this around in the film where mar Scorsese is producing this is he in Robben Niro's gonna play a talk, show host, who's the one that ruined his life and drives him insane. So, yeah, look, the reason why a light that is because I think is kind of cool where for one, they're definitely not trying to outdo. Heat legis joker because Keith ledger came in being this mysterious character you nothing about. They couldn't even get his fingerprint, right? They can find his identity at all, but a third of the movie going through all the stuff started his fingerprints legal. Nope. They said, well, we got some lint. But we spend all that time. Testing built a new machines. We got, we got, we can fabricate a print now run that. Oh yeah. It came up as nobody. I came up as. They said they did all this investigation. They found was nine and Lindt. Oh man, but he was he was a 'nigma and nobody could find out anything about him where network that worked great. Because this guy as they send the movie was an aide in agent of chaos. He just want to cause trouble because of some lack of humanity that he had. But with this, this is taken opposite direction. I think seeing the human being before he becomes a super villain, seeing how disturbed he is already because I think that's gonna play. There's complete, like probably can't get hit because he's kind of fucking crazy anyway. Sure. Give them a break and with the killing joke was not only feel comedian, but he got in deep with the month. You got, they might do something like that here. And if they do that, then I think that you have a joker where unlike anything seen on the screen, you might find the version of the joker this somewhat sympathetic, possibly. I mean, you're not gonna defend them. Help me. You know, you're not going to be a character witness for anything like that. You know if he calls you with that one call from jail, you ain't gonna go help my kid. Hello..

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