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One eight six six five zero five four six two six Mark Bucher against the chief executive officer of the California policy center. And we're talking about the Los Angeles the teachers strike, so would it simply be a case of the teacher's union battling charter schools is that a a major impetus behind all of this. Yes. Yes. Explaining a year ago. A majority of the four. New members were elected so Jordi the boards porks charter schools. Charter schools have to be approved by the board of education because they are public schools. They can't charge tuition. They have to have to be proved that they operate under different. Charter usually they will we were talking Earlier Michael an online charter school. I son actually went to a home school charter school where we were supported when we were homeschooling him. There's there's charter schools that focused on the arts on stem. All sorts of. And so when that happened the the the union was feeling like okay now, there's going to be a push to creating more charter schools twenty percent right now, we're charter of the kids are educated in charter schools and advocates are trying to push that over fifty percent. And and every you know, every charter school opens, they hire teachers teachers are well paid sometimes in excess of what the teachers are making in the union, but they're not unionized. So the union sees them as a as a huge threat. And so that's one of the reasons they made. Tap on charter schools a key demand. And they're simply. I don't think there's any way the the majority who approach or because they see it as the best way educate kids are gonna see that man. So let me get this straight. You're saying there's a majority that that wishes charter schools and sees it as a better way to educate kids. But that the teachers union is so locked into California state government that they can impose a cap on this justify their own nest. Am I understand correctly? Their lyrics fine in their negotiation key from the teacher's union. Is that there'd be a cap on charter school? Exactly when LA exactly it'll just Jenner the words just to cover their own behinds. I mean, I mean, th they wouldn't be popular if they didn't work. I just find it remarkable that the California Public officials are so venal that in exchange for a few votes that they would shoot something like this down. I I don't know. It's not easy to astound me. But this actually does. Well, yeah. I it's a very interesting thing that's going on. Because there's a lot of Democrats. California's very democrat a lot of Democrats who are strong supporters charter schools, but most of the elected officials aren't because it's union cash that elects them. So so you have this split. And like I said just last year the people that supported charter schools managed to get school board members elected you support charter school. And and and that's one of the key reasons they're on strike. So it's it's quite a thing. That's playing out. It's. Of this all over L, Florida as more and more charter schools, which as you said are very very popular waiting lists to get into the most charter school. So why aren't we making more of them? And and that's what that's what the majority on the LA school board is saying we need more of these schools that are so popular and doing such a great job of educating kids that that is very interesting at so in other words, there is a split. We know the Democrats run the state of California. I think what I hear you saying is that there is a split among Democrats that there are many Democrats who favor the benefits of charter schools, but that the entrenched establishment if I'm not using an incorrect description or depiction is opposed to them. Exactly. And so it's it's setup. Most Republicans do support charter schools. Mean the democratic rank and file and the donor support charter schools, but because of the unions are so powerful financially in their campaign contributions. They don't and so they often they elect people who don't also which is a tiny thing. I'm telling you about it. But now there's this now now no one has to belong to the union. So union used to have this steady supply of cash coming in from teachers who had the. And now the teachers have a choice, and so it's one of the things California policy center is doing every new it can let teachers know they don't have to pay money to the union anymore. So anyhow, it's it's all it's all very interesting in kind of all intertwined, but that's what's going on here in California. Keep your strikes boast most intriguing and the status with the the charter schools is that some but not all are unionized. Are they represented by the same union as the public school teachers? Yes. It's a pretty small percentage. I don't have any sense for that. Ten percent of the charter schools should unionize. And and the ones that are United unaware of the UT LA is the union here. And yes, they're represented by the same. All right. Stay with us. More to come. This is an interesting look at the politics behind the scene. We're talking with the Mark Bucher again. He's the chief executive officer of the.

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