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For me football because I have a really difficult time sitting watching baseball? But for him For him football to he loves it. I mean it's it's something that that we've put off. We have not let him play it. he's going into sixth grade next year and going to be twelve and I just you know it worries me. I just don't think he needs to be getting hit in the head are ready and and have You know all these little things start creeping up. You know in in junior pot Li Junior Pop Warner Football We've been pushing to let him play once he gets to high school but he finally broke broke us town and asked every single day for. I think like four months straight and then you combine that in the quarantine and you're getting asking the quarantine if I can play football play football if I play football and so finally broke down three nights ago and told them right. We're GonNa let you play tackle football next year. So he he's super I'm super into it Obviously and and Yeah trying to start. We've been training since the quarantine started getting ready for the season. Hopefully that that gets you fall. What advice did you give? Joe Borough When when we talked we really just talked about the process I said one of the most important things is just you know when a team gives you an offense and gives you protections just digested and be ready to spit it back so really. It was We've we've talked very briefly about preparing for the process. The combine the drafts. The pre draft workouts. The Pre Jeff meetings And really just you know. Kinda gave him some insight on you know what it's like to go through You know and just kind of small Tidbits on getting ready for the draft. Would you rather have an all pro wide? Receiver in all pro lineman all pro line lint. Okay because you start to see where we focus in on the skill positions. We always do that. Then every you'll go. Oh you know. You're drafted attack overdrafted. A guard or eve is a garden. College we're going to make him his center here and we never talk about that because there's nothing sexy about that but the importance of that the offensive linemen and trying to find these lime and because the way college football is played. It's it's different for the linemen in you. Know how far the the spacing there the blocking the strat all of those things and it just feels like we get to the draft. And we're like hurry up. Let's get to another quarterback or wide receiver running back. I'm GonNa care about Lineman now did you ever get involved in the draft with the bengals or any of the teams you played on to say could certainly use another linemen That was always the first the first words out of my mouth. We could always use another tackle another guard or another center But they're not sexy. They're not they're not fund from a Fan's perspective that you took a guard from Villanova in the third round. I mean that's just not that doesn't you know being you know a cardinal's fan of cheese. Fan a raiders fan. Whatever it is. That doesn't jump off the screen but at the end of the day If you can't step into and you can't get to the copier dropping. Get from your. I read your second to your third redes- quarterback man. It doesn't matter if you took three first round receivers three years in a row if you don't have the ability to get through the timing and rhythm of play to get the ball to these exciting sexy receivers that you drafted and fan base is go nuts for Then that guy that you dress in the first round at receivers irrelevant I think every quarterback they it's fun to get new toy outside but man it is An necessity to have guys that can hold up in front of you and they're so hard to find and they're so hard to coach And it just seems like these athletes get moved if you once you get over two hundred and fifty pounds. These great athletes get moved to defensive. End These offensive. Linemen are having a blog. I mean you look at dating cloudy today and cloudy six seven any ran like four. Four at two seventy five. Myles Garrett. I mean some of these guys. They're getting so big so physical and you look at chase young. It's just hard to find a guy that can block him for four seconds and it's a necessity every year there's more and more of these freak athletes coming out that that put their hand the ground and get after the quarterback and you've got to have people to block for them if you don't if you have people to block for them it doesn't matter how many first round picks you use receivers and tight ends of these These fun Like like we're saying sexy toys outside. It just wrote to you. Know if you can't get the ball to them they become relevant if chase young is considered the no brainer best player in the draft. Why isn't he going number one? That's a great question I think. That's you know at the end of the day. When you're looking at Andy Dalton WHO's currently under under contract for the Bengals who is a really good player. I mean he he gets a knock Mainly because he played for the bengals but Andy any can play in in and he can He may not be a number one. Pick and and May Not be that that guy off a draft board but and he's been extremely extremely productive. And and you got a chance to get you know a guy that can probably get after the quarterback fourteen to fifteen to sixteen times like a von Miller type career defensive end that guy's hard to pass up And the other thing about chase onto is he's Great Maroon game so because we don't know about Joe Joe. Borough is not a given as much as we want to say boy. He's unbelievable okay. He had the greatest single season in college. Football history at that position. I grant you that. It's not a given if chase young is a given then that I don't know maybe I'm overrating chase young. But it feels like nobody wants to trade up to get chase young but everybody keeps saying boys a generational player. I know you wanNA find your quarterback but if I got a guy who can line up there and he can give me ten years of all pro status and you would probably sign it if I said he can give you ten years as an all pro or you. Roll the dice on show. Borough who do you take man? I mean that's that's your shows you how important and and the way that the leaks thinks about the quarterback position is just how important that position is no doubt I mean you. Think back to The Mario Williams Reggie Bush Bush draft and like oh six or seven. Whatever that was where Mario Williams win number one and everybody could not believe that? Reggie went number two. I know Reggie's not a quarterback but when when when people were looking at that they couldn't believe that that happened but Mario Williams went out and got twelve to fourteen sacks just about every single year career. That's what chase chase. Young is projecting. That is what you expect that a chase. They're you're exactly right. There is a ton of unknowns on Joe. He played one year of college football. It is extremely risky right. But you gotTa have a quarterback and and that position is on as we know it. It's IT'S D. position. You have to have every team. That's the is a super bowl. Contender has a quarterback. So until you have that guy You're always you're always looking for him. Now Andy Dalton still is under contract chase young. You know as you're saying could be the best player in the draft. Probably is the best player in the draft. I think it's a really difficult decision that they have to make. They have to eat a pass up on a guy. That's a fourteen sad guy or go after a guy That could be the future of your franchise And handled the quarterback position for the future of your franchise for the next ten to fifteen years. It's obviously a big decision. The difficult decision. Good to talk to you at a level select. Cbd Dot Com Creams Roll Ons and helps you live life after plan. Nfl quarterback for as long as. You did hope you're doing well and the kids are being nice to thanks to catch up man that's Carson Palmer level select. Cbd DOT COM ran out of time. I couldn't ask him if he wanted. His heisman back garnered two convenient. Yeah Darn it ran out of time. You know the next time. I have him on all. Ask him about if he wants his heisman back. Take a break here. Phone calls are coming up right after this in the Dan Patrick Show. Hey I'm Hayes and Casey and we're going to tell you everything you'll hear if you subscribe to news o'clock not if when what's news o'clock you ask why it's the new show from buzzfeed an iheart coming at you every weekday evening. What's that you want to know? What kind of stories? We'll be telling you about well. You've got your Corona Virus News. Your election news. 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We have there including the Tampa Bay t shirts soon to be eliminated soon to be removed from the website by the end of the month. Tampa Bay t shirt but we have come up with a new T. shirt and it just says his name is Tom. And we won't even put the Jersey number on the back but his name. Is Tom that way? We let TOM HAVE THE TAMPA Bay trademark. And we'll move on. We still don't have a winner for todd scoreboard. Todd maybe dropping hint. Mario says that people are trying. But you can't get a seven and forty are your numbers seven and forty. They're both related to this date in history right. I'm GONNA go with. Oh.

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