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If i'm not mistaken you're in new hampshire right bonnie and i'm not going anywhere and i live here. This is where my on my credit cards. The address my credit cards and stuff like that you know is where i live. This is where. I'm now employed. The detention order states. That mr freeman was aware of the investigation into his activities. Indeed oh however he was undeterred by law enforcement inquiries and based on the time line in the record continued to engage in such activities and encouraging others to do so. It would have to believe what you're doing is actually criminal in order to be deterred if you don't believe that what you're doing is criminal and it turns out it's not criminal because you're willing to fight it. That's how how does that get used against you this. This is absolutely insane. It actually is it. Evidence is his favor. Not the government's the court held that the quote operation clearly poses a danger to the community by enabling fraud and economic harm. It then found that the government met its burden of proving by clear and convincing. Evidence that the defend it poses a danger to the community if released The next section is just about the possible release conditions that e-ends attorney and the court had been working out if he could be released in. Apparently it was essentially willing to agree to house arrest for the most part is seems. He told me on the phone they if he had to be trapped in his room and i just took care of them that he would do it. Nobody wants to be. No one wants to be in jail. D trapped in your own bedroom than trapped in a jail cell. Yeah that's the way in is looking at it. freedom shouldn't be relative but sometimes it just is. Yeah and you're the crazy thing about this is. Nobody's been convicted of anything. Remember so effectively. You know this whole innocent. Until proven guilty thing is just it's brainwashing it's like elementary school level brainwashing You know they've basically already convicted him of something because he's already in a cage and what happens if they do decide basically already convicted him because they have it right. They have competitive and he doesn't get that time back because he's found guilty right. None of this has ever know the time we've lost on this as ever back from the whether we like it or not. The government is taking our from us in his time. We'll never get back even after all of this dismissed there were all resuming. Artem lives six zero three two eight three six six zero. This is free talk. Live talk about whatever's on your mind news from news dot. Bitcoin dot com. Us postal service files. A patent for new blockchain voting method. Warren buffett changes his opinion on gold. Maybe bitcoin is next six billion dollar. A con cryptocurrency city underway former prudential. Ceo says now's the time to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin dot com is your source for getting started with crypto currencies getting a wallet buying bitcoin cash mining. And all the latest crypto currency news at news dot bitcoin dot com subscribe to bitcoin dot coms youtube channel. Two.

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