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From wondering i'm david brown and this business wars daily on this wednesday march twenty fourth cova. Vaccinations are heating up in. That means the travel industry is to last week. We brought you a story about how insurance companies are planning to profit off the forthcoming boom today. A story about the moves travel planning websites are making trip. Comparison site kayak announced recently. They're moving forward into a new space. And i mean literally a new space specifically fifty two room high-tech hotel in miami beach. The kayak miami beach is slated to open in april in partnership with hotel company. Life house but the question is why would travel company that till this point. His existed entirely online. Wanna make the move toward brick and mortar spaces. Well kayak is known for its price comparison technology but the company thinks it has more tech savviness to specifically to the hospitality. Business guests at the kayak will use kayaks apt to check in and out of the hotel. Connect with hotel staff and be notified of housekeeping and events according to business insider. If they're looking for things to do in miami beach guests can scan a qr code and access the digital guestbook full of suggestions reviews. The aim kayak says to deliver each guest quote ultra personalized stay unquote ceo. Steve hafner says he's looking at the property. As a design lab which kayak can use to develop software for independent properties that may not have access to hyatt and marriott level tech. It's been a brutal last year. For kayak has traveled skidded to a halt due to covid parent company booking holdings which also owns booking dot com and priceline laid off. Twenty five percent of its global workforce last summer. Cnbc reported and its fourth quarter. Numbers released last month showed that total revenue dropped fifty five percent in two thousand twenty. In november kayak sister company booking dot com discontinued its popular reservation and marketing platform booking sweet a move that left hoteliers scrambling to find suitable. Replacements kayak c. e. o. Hafner skiff that booking sweet quote didn't work out as well as they'd hoped but he says kayak is a smaller company then booking dot com with a different philosophy so hopes that kayak can seamlessly integrate into the hospitality. Industry are rather high hoffner said that they eventually want to offer their technology to independent tico tells for free. The miami beach hotel is justice start. Meanwhile major competitor is also dusting off a chaotic twenty. Twenty the expedia group which owns the likes of hotels. Dot com orbits and trovato revenue dropped fifty seven percent last year but ceo. Peter kern said rising vaccination were quote signs of hope unquote to keep that hope alive. The expedia group is responding to an expected surge in demand for cruises by rolling out a new suite of tech tools for cruise lines which it announced just last month. The company is also leaning into the success of short term rental company virgo which geekwire reported seeing higher revenue per room. Night than any other expedia company. So how'd you patch a big hole in a sunken travel industry. Well for travel planning sites. That's obviously the big question. And for kayak at least the answer isn't entirely some digital space but rather a nineteen thirty's art deco building in south florida from wondering this is business. Moore's daily on your host david brown written and produced by jessica. Your mosque edited by m a quarter our executive producer. Jenny lower beckmann and marshal. Louis related.

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