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MS dot org to learn more about starting or joining a team today. Good Monday morning. It's three 28. Traffic and weather on the 8th, let's go to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Thank you, rich, very good morning to you. We'll start off on the outer loop of Good morning I'm rich hunter, teddy gellman is our producer, the top stories we're following for you today, the Delaware judge overseeing a voting machine company's $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News announced late Sunday evening that he was delaying the start of the trial until Tuesday. He did not cite a reason. The trial which has drawn international interest had been scheduled to start Monday morning with jury selection and opening statements. The case centers on whether Fox to fame dipping and voting systems by spreading false claims that the company rigged the 2020 presidential election to prevent former president Donald Trump's reelection. Records show that as part of the lawsuit showed that many of the network's hosts and executives didn't believe the allegations, but aired them anyway. President Biden says he's not concerned about the information contained in the lead classified documents from The Pentagon, but rather that the leak happened at all. At The White House, CBS is a Willie James inman with more. The leak of classified documents apparently went undetected for months. They appear to reveal U.S. surveillance of enemies and allies. The Washington Post reports some of the leads pages included intelligence on at least four more Chinese spy balloons. The incident has put the Biden administration and damage control, restricting access to the nation's most guarded secrets. The Biden administration says it's seeing minimal damage from the disclosure of those highly classified documents related to the war in Ukraine and U.S. views of its allies and partners. But that assessment will be put to the test this weekend in Japan where Secretary of State Antony Blinken is meeting with the counterparts from 6 of America's closest foreign friends for three days of talks. The talks among the group of 7 foreign ministers may shed light on whether the disclosure has harmed trust between the allies or is just a mere embarrassment for the U.S.. Over the past decade, the U.S. has been grappling with the fallout from leaks of highly sensitive secrets. The Republican field for the 2024 election just got more crowded. Former Arkansas governor asa Hutchinson is among the 5 Republican candidates running for president. He was on CBS face the nation Sunday. But whenever you look at the challenges we face from the economy that we could be headed into a recession to our border security and the fentanyl crisis that we face to the lack of energy supply that's so critical to our growth in our country. These are all issues that I think need to be solved. The other Republican candidates include former president Trump and former U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. Florida governor Ron DeSantis is a potential favorite, but has not officially announced his candidacy. It's three 34. Law enforcement officers are imploring people in an Alabama town to come forward with information about a shooting Saturday night that killed four people and injured 28 others during a teenager's birthday party. Among those killed was a high school senior who planned to play college football was celebrating at his sister's 16th birthday party Saturday night when gunfire erupted in dayville about an hour northeast of Montgomery. The filled dowdle was a date full high school senior who committed to Jacksonville state university. His grandmother tells the Montgomery advertiser that he was celebrating at a sister Alexis party before he was shot to death. Police gathered evidence Sunday at a dance studio where the party was held, they did not immediately say if a suspect was in custody. The national district attorneys looking into self defense case when a pharmacy employee shot at a pregnant woman, he tried to stop her from shoplifting and the woman retaliated. Kelsey Gibbs with W TVF spoke to legal analyst Nick Leonardo about the case. One of the women pulled a can of mace and began spraying it at him. Boyd told place he pulled out his gun and started shooting out of fear, claiming self defense. In this particular case, if you're being maced to pull out a firearm and to shoot someone 8 times, I mean, some could view that is excessive force

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