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That might be effective. This a massive schedule. i hope. Somehow someone grabs this and runs with it. He you know the Progressive who used to be close allies very often and and the things that we did. There's in washington. You don't find that and i think back about getting to know ralph nader. And he wasn't a libertarian. But we were friends and we would talk about these things and he was on our program one time but he and i agreed on one thing one word that help get people to understand that corporatism you know. We didn't try to refine the word of eliza faire capitalism and all this stuff we just we talked about corporatism and of course means has talked about corporatism to and we are concerned about it and But but i haven't visited with. Well we have a few people who will still come out. That are could be classified. Ads as progressives. But there's not very many average person you ordinarily would hear a lot. In congress come up and condemn the profiteering. You know that goes on and And this Quote you made from the people who work advisor this. This should tell a lot of people what's going on. But you know what daniel we have a problem you know. We have great viewers. They come and we get great message trauma and we don't have to do a lot of conversion but i guess one thing i would like to do. Daniel is encourage them to spread the message. Figure out something and people say. What do you want me to do. Whatever you can spread a message. Maybe it's just talking to one person that time but Writing letters and talking to your congressman and gordon meeting Anything we'll get the attention because truth is a powerful weapon. You don't have to worry about it because you might feel lonely. So i think it'd be a powerful message and you're telling the truth it'll go a lot further than you ever dreamed. I was pleasantly surprised over the many years. That what i assumed i was doing. would never even be recognized but if people have picked up on it and and they've complimented me on this for speaking out but i'm gonna continue to do that because i don't know anything else to do other than do something i think is important and to the best of my ability to find out what is the truth and and encourage other people to seek it and then spread the message. Absolutely dr paul. And i would. I would just close by just reminding people that the the speeches from our conference last month are available exclusively on odyssey. Now if you go to. Ron paul's odyssey page. You will see them in a playlist. And we're adding one speech per day today. We uploaded judge napolitano speech. And that's a great speech so go to odyssey and look at it. They're censorship free platform that we're using for these speeches. And i want to thank everyone for watching the show. Please still subscribe to us here on youtube subscribe to us on odyssey and rumble and the other alternative places and also subscribe to updates at the ron paul institute to want paul institute dot. Org and subscribe..

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