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So we'll see how it goes. But that's an interesting what to keep an eye out for Steelers traveling to Jacksonville to play the Jags Steelers laying five and a half. You know, I know people are all on this. Steelers today. The narrative says Beal in on the Steelers, the Jags are complete disarray. But was remembered and as much as I trash Blake Bortles at the Jaguars. Let's remember last year, Jacksonville, absolutely owned. The Steelers beat them three times convincingly, by the way, it was not that close. It actually to ties regularly two types of refugees. And what breezy, but you get the idea. It was not that close in terms of the batch like Jacksonville owned Steelers last year and the Steelers grant home in the play offs and Jacksonville came in and beat the snot out of them with labia. You know, again, the whole LeBron James kind of situation. I know people are saying that they don't need to worry about beyond James Connors their lesson. I will play James Cotter in DFS I'll blame regular fantasy. But if you're telling me into Steelers are going to absolutely crust the Jaguars. I cannot go that far. I think Jacksonville could cover the five and a half. And I think Jacksonville has a chance to actually win this game last year. There's a game that the Jacksonville defense can get up for is this one where their backs are completely gets the wall. They know about a loss and they are done for the season. So this could go one or two ways Jacksonville can keep this one close in pull out a victory at the end or Steelers blow them out early and Jacksonville's having fights in the locker room at halftime. I could see both scenarios happening. I just tend to believe that the former is a much more likely scenario than the ladder. Given the fact that. These rosters are not that radically differ from last year. I think the Jackson actually match up very well against the Steelers. And Leonard fournette ran roughshod over the Steelers defense. I, you know, I'm still wanna see the Steelers defense go up against a power run team like the Jags and get it done. They've been they've been doing well against a passing Teves blends of Jack's kick it the run game go that's a very interesting matchup to see. So moving on Panthers. Go onto the lions who are in full on tank mode Panthers four and a half point favorites. And I gotta take the Panthers here. I mean, the lions are down to kindergarten as the number one wide receiver because mar marva Joe's is alpha knee injury..

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