Israel, Syria, Alex Perry discussed on BBC World Service


And columnist for the guardian an independent newspapers and alex perry british author journalist and foreign correspondent said of the news that emerged in the last couple of hours israel saying one of its fighter jets has gone down in its own territory amid syrian antiaircraft fire so what's known at this point i spoke briefly to our correspondent in jerusalem tom bateman what what the israeli military have said is dirt in iranian drone came into its s as base in a northern israel from across the border from syria in the early hours of saturday morning they say they responded to that shot down the drain using a combat helicopter and then themes four israeli f sixteen fighter jets went into syria to strike the facility that had launched this drug and then what these ready minute describes his massive antiaircraft fire took place along the border between syria and israel and an israeli f sixteen fighter jet crashed inside israeli territory they say that the two pilots ejected and parachuted to safety a word about israeli action in syria of this nature how komen has it been in recent times it is not uncommon and what israel says is that it has two red lines for its engagement in syria they all any crossborder fire that comes from syria into the golan heights anz what they described as weapons transfers from iranian forces to hezbollah lebanese militant fighters who are fighting inside syria they of the two triggers if he liked that israel says schools it to act inside syrian territory usually ask strikes and then not uncommon israeli comments on them officially although a senior military figure said last year that the number was around two hundred of these attacks that had taken place have lost a few years said these things do happen i think what is uncommon here of course is the the event that the.

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