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Top five at five from the Rokon show with on a weekday afternoons on seven twenty WGN Chicago smart speaker, users, just say, play WGN radio on tune in news time is four o'clock. Let's get into the newsroom with Vic Vaughn, thinking, you'll get more fair skies. Fifty three at O'Hare about one hundred passengers evacuated from a train last night of fire aboard that train at Union Station. WGN clip and reports the engine of metro train number twelve eighty five caught fire around six thirty PM Chicago. Fire officials said the fire was put out by seven. They used lines to cool, the engine fire activity impacted traffic on canal street and by seven thirty trains heading into and out of the south side of Union Station where. Stopped delays continued, well into the night, Don club WGN news toddlers in serious condition this morning being treated for a gunshot wound one of three shot last night in a drive-by on the city's north side. The Albany park neighborhood. It happened around nine o'clock their kids and Ainsley. The other two victims are adults. They took themselves and the child initially dissuaded coming in hospital. Both adults are also in serious condition both suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The child has since been transferred to Louis children's hospital. No word on what led to that shooting. No rest yet, a family suing a building owner in the Lakeview east neighborhood over injuries to their five year old child suit claims that grand Brier, condominium association failed to maintain a safety great. It was covering an access point to a drainage system at the family son fell six feet to the bottom of it. Back in March. We reported on it at the time, the boy, suffered a puncture wound to his abdomen. He's still recovering firefighters had to rescue he and his grandfather. Father who went into help both became trapped and no comment yet from the building owner criminal charges against eight. Defendants accused of involvement in the Flint water crisis have been dropped WGN's Ryan burrow explains prosecution team is now handling the Flint water crisis at wants to start from scratch Michigan solicitor general and the Wayne County prosecutor saying they're dismissing the charges without prejudice against all eight defendants, including former Michigan department of health and human services director, Nick Lyon, the top health official at the time of the crisis. Charges could still be filed later but as far as the legal fees that have piled up so far those, we'll be chopped up as a loss for the state of Michigan summer travels coming up, beginning to see those fare hikes rise ABC's. Daria albinger. American Airlines is confirming that it's raising domestic fares five dollars each.

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