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With that defense and how Dion Lewis is running the football in the game. They're going to have a lot of opportunities. So impressed improves some people this. Tennessee titans. Football team can play Marcus mariota has played two games on Monday night in his career. He has won them. Both cowboys. Meanwhile, I. Loss on Monday night football since two thousand fourteen week eight against Washington things haven't been going all that. Well this season for Dallas. The reaction from team owner, Jerry Jones. This is. Will step back. Thinking. Go to. Really opened things. Louis. Get open. Screens. It looks like. The kind of juice. Have we had hoped that he might bring to the group? He came in and tried to go get to him. So. Jerry said execution but his coaching an issue whether it's head coach offense coordinator coaching issue. Here was they did a heck of a job coach job outdoor night. Give them their due. Tennessee. They did a good game plan. They came in. They were able to stop. For whatever the reason to keep us from. Put some pressure on that. And couldn't get some of the throws off. Maybe we would have wanted to get off look at it. I thought they did some pretty good things in the defensive front to back. Impacting her case. Well, again, I don't I don't get into the plays. Our games impact confidence on any coach or player from my villa? Saying Jerry starting to slip away from me at three and five now. Well, I think after a games when you one that's cause for concern. And so you got to. Recognize reality. But more importantly what I recognize is not so much three wins and five losses. But the way we lost this game. We played the game. You've got to play better. Cowboys zone. Five this season with Dak Prescott records a turnover. They've won all three games when he does. Not Cowboys face. The eagles in week ten. The titans host New England. Sportscenter allnight, ESPN radio to the NBA Clark of surveys.

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