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Every year in the NFL. It's a new team as far as goals. Go we have one putting the fucker in mm singer. Welcome to the buccaneers observer. PODCASTS Drought Phillips. I'm Ali Bay is February. Third Twenty twenty the day after the Super Bowl since the start of the twenty twenty five on the year football is now done and over with rep two thousand nine hundred with a bow. Put it in a drawer in hibernate until September been what is it said. Last night I was like thirty weeks or something it crazy amount of weeks before football starts again. This is the worst time of the year. I'd watch we got started getting used to the draft so we could be excited when now the XFL is coming out so maybe we should pick that up. I can't even remember when it starts. I know it's February. Mike Varney started all right so I would think about the game super bowl. Forty niners at the chiefs. I don't remember much of the game redrawn now. I don't know I just it. It just didn't stick out to me. I had some notes but they weren't that expensive. I do feel like the game. Had A very static field to it like all. The ads were very nostalgic objects. They had the World War Two veterans. Come out at the beginning and you know it's the NFL's hundred Super Bowl hundred super bowl hundred. You're you're not one hundred super bowl so I did feel like the theme of the whole thing was just nostalgia which true all the commercials were like flashbacks to the eighties. The there was a lot of nineties. Pop culture references. Yeah the commercial with Bryan Cranston as in the shining it it was like a mountain dew. Commercial alone the game was a little surprised that the score wasn't higher. I was surprised that San Francisco held Kansas City to under twenty points for the vast majority of the game. I cannot believe that they let Kansas City. Come back like that and of course we gotta eat some Crow About Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl your elite. That's the only requirement ally manning got two super bowls delete. So you put Patrick Mahomes in that category. I was thinking talking about what. IRKS me about him why I guess it worked with him. I think it's more of I don't like change. And it really is the shuffling of the new guard which again the homeless shelter thing. I mean it's the end of an era for football. I mean you didn't have any of the elite older quarterbacks in the superbowl all nos matter of fact drew brees was only one that made it to the championship game right so I think I think it's not. I think that's what kind of bothers me about Patrick. Mom and also that he's already been heralded by the media as the next Michael Jordan. which I just think it's ridiculous? Troy Aikman said that in a broadcast one night and I was thinking you are an idiot idiot you know yeah you gotta you gotTa say well but there is something there yeah. We really thought that he was going to be figured figured out and teams were going to be able to stop them. Well rarely even on Youtube has one of our listeners. Said Pat Mahomes is more of a passing quarterback back so he corrected us. They're pretty smart mercer and said he's one of the smartest players he's a little like Russell Wilson L. somewhere. He's pather but well run when he needs to. I think he uses the running war selectively. which is how I prefer right? Yes this is a this is a new era and you know we had two teams in Super Bowl. That had been in a long time. And it's nice to see Andy. Reid finally win one. Yeah I do like him. I like Gandhi. I did think forty niners are going to win too. I bet on I was really disappointed in how they played out the last few minutes couch any. He blew the double digit lead with Elena Buddha offense coordinator there right Yep and win the forty niners got the ball back. I think there was a few minutes left in the fourth quarter. They were up by three. And they dot I I had said You I said well. They're just going to run the clock out. Now as you know the canes city get to ball back with few minutes but you know for now is just gonNa run the clock out. And I'll be darned aren't if they didn't throw the Damn Ball an incomplete pass on second down just ruined it. I was like Oh they just lost the game. That was it so it was a it was a good let game. It wasn't very entertaining like Like you like to see but it wasn't bad it wasn't love Pittsburgh Arizona cardinals game that was one of the best superbowls ever orpheus me. As far as entertainment values concern wasn't a blow out one way or the other the used to the Super Bowl was always a blow out. You know it wasn't until probably two thousand thousands win. The super bowl started becoming really good competitive games. Used to men the Super Bowl sock Diplo is a championship games over the good Games. So it's good to see that you know we've we've got good games that the super bowl but this one was kind of snooze fest thought one thing that drove me crazy. It's driving me crazy for a while. We talked about it here. podcast lot is the officiating. Now the -ficiating this wasn't bad but it wasn't consistent with how they officiate during the regular season. That drives me crazy. I mean his normally like that. But this always just kinda ridiculous. I kinda four times four times where the quarterback got hit in the helmet while he was throwing after he had thrown the pass and it was never fly four four times. They got the Jameis Winston treatment. Maybe it's the young guys they figure they can tak- what is just not consistent. Because if you're going to do that regular season call flags gift fifteen yards opponent. You GotTa do it. But they're not consistent during the season they call it sometimes sometimes not other. That's the biggest problem with officiating. Consistency that that was a that was really the only issue. I had with the -ficiating last night. I think that there are more conservative in these big games. Many people are watching definitely definitely there was a couple of hit outbound where I was like that would have been a flag during regular zoom but a dawn. It's over with Kim city chiefs are champions. AFC got title Geena being a high now. We were just talking about that. The Patriots got it last year for about the year before. I don't remember guys breath. We need the buccaneers. Represent US Komo Bucks stub. Oh Books News. Okay not relay. Hey Joe Bucks. Fan is on a tear. They've gotten a bunch of comments from players about the James Winston situation. That's all they've been asked about as they did. Ask Ask Joe Staley what they thought about what he thought about. Donald Kong Soo and basically just daily look down like you had three heads and said yes you still gotta the same as he was in Detroit South Yeah. It's the people have been saying that that you know he just doesn't have like a used to. I've I've been saying to me I. I watched the guy. He's just a great football player. He's a great strategic good football player in a great technical football ballplayer. He barely masses up. And he's all you know. He's always imposition. He's doing the right stuff. I diverted player Veeraswamy. I agree with Joe Staley but the big nasty. The buccaneers Fan superfan got into the Ford Football Fan Hall of fame. Oh it did make an in. He he did those speaking a witch John Lynch did not make it into the pro football hall of fame. Not only did he not make them in the Hall Hall of fame but he lost the Super Bowl so rough weekend for John Lynch. Yeah John Lynch is not used to having these types of losses. I don't think he's a guy. He's one super balls walls with team different teams and I fully expected him to go with the forty niners. Win there to you. Is that success everywhere. He's gone but it is impressive. How quickly they turned that organization station around so I think that they'll be back? I've got some. NFC South News. Greg Olson was released by the panthers. The bill is a free agent air there. Yeah exactly all these old old guard players. And then Vic Beasley with the Falcons is going to be a free agent. And the the Falcons have announced that they're not going to try to resign him. Interesting must be something there. Stephen Gilmore got defensive player of the year. Sure he knows that he's he plays for the New England Patriots and matter of fact him an John's of both gut let me give them about twenty one votes Jones. Got Fourteen T.. J. Watt got ten Shaq Barrett got to God's ridiculous although redacted. It really really is a really is I'm I'm I'm just befuddled by. How have a most likely? It's the reporters me. I don't know that's a good question. Did you hear the argument that a tape. It's respect because it's small market team oriented stuff small fan base. That's what that's what that means when you hear people say small market team unit because they're small markets like Green Bay which is the smallest market in all professional sports. I think but they're not considered a small market team because they have a huge fan base l. across the nation across the world if we want to change our small small market status we need to get more fans. Let's do that start. Proselytizing ties in US is up to the fan base to do that if he asked me. An people are really attracted to up and coming teams now especially if they're considered underdogs for an up. Four former. Forty niners raiders star. Alex Smith is trying to make an NFL comeback. We had talked about him quite asked him is currently suspended indefinitely by the League for multiple off the field incidences everybody's been trained in a J. Glazer's unbeatable. GM in West. Hollywood in his last game was for the raiders in November. Two Thousand Fifteen j Glazer's come out and said you know he's off to the drink in off drugs. He's really Boston's Bob. Would you expect a guy to say that but J. Glazer's really pushing hard frown on Smith to get back in the league. That crazy hasn't played since two thousand fifteen in five. Haven't years how old is he. Now you know. He's probably in his early thirties. That's a senior citizen for high. Now he could probably get a league minimum job No no I I. I liked him when he was in the League. But he just imploded little help with a from Cabernet but we won't go there the motherboard. NFC South News. The saints are being accused of helping a New Orleans Catholic church running. Pr For some sex-abuse scandals. How in the world of the saints get involved in all this messed bountygate? But cheetan another New Orleans saints. Say they only did minimal. Behind the scenes public relations work on areas Roman Catholic sexual abuse crisis but a attorneys sue in the church allege of course that hundreds of confidential saint emails show the team's involvement went much deeper Bert helping to shape a list of credibly accused clergy. That appears to be undercounted others. According to says the saints appear to have had a hand in determining which name should or should not I had been included on the pedophile list in question..

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