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Both Sheffield and Waveland. Is that all the way are the ones that are in right field ones in the left field. Is it just all the same name? Next, offering his pushed foul off to the right and play Cubs own all that that's all owned by the Cubs at this point I don't know that they own every single one of them, but they own most of them. And there across the street. Pretty cool. To now, Here's the pitch. And that one is outside. Maybe you guys could do a TV game. Those seats across the street. Get out there with cutouts. Different perspective. Yeah, It's a great idea. Here's a 32 swinging a liner foul off to the right on off that side while Chris I'm thinking of a number from 1 to 10, you guess which one? It is. Maya's with a count 32. Javi with seven doubles in six homers, but again come again in just 1 95. Such a good player. Here comes the pitch that is in the dirt, and Maya's is gonna take his face. I mean, you're talking about a number of players. That have had disappointing starts fires to yell it. Dillinger hasn't been great, certainly via yellow chip in surprising how much They've struggled. Pretty united Wrigley Field result.

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