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And in this new friend of mine, he was telling me about what he had to fill in as a soccer coach is whatever that league is. The kids saw is one of his kids and he didn't know anything about soccer, but they got up to two nothing real quick. And so he's like y'all, y'all are doing great, killing them. You know, skill is really pour it on. They actually called a time out. The opposing team's coach came out into the middle of the the referee brought him out to the middle of the field, and they said, you gotta stop talking. We don't keep score in this league and he was like, I don't know. I mean, we'll world are we living in with this thing where you don't? I promise you in life, keeps score. Life keeps where you're going to have a boss that keeps score. You're gonna have a manager. You're gonna, have you know, I mean, if you're in sales, God forbid they're keeping score and so an off you have, sorry, kids doesn't have tenure like that professor, you hadn't school Boston tenure as exactly right, that's exactly right. So it's an interesting world we live in here. That's why I say, I love the aspect of success, principles and leadership in all of these things coming out from a coach's perspective because we won my my high school baseball coach who was a heavy influence on me. He used to say, champions win the last game of the season. They win the last game of the season, no way around it. If you're going to be the champion, you won the last game of the season no matter what sport you play and and we were taught to win, man. We, you know, we didn't bring our baseball gloves. The first week of baseball practice slash tryouts every year. We didn't. We weren't allowed even bring a baseball glove to practice for the first week because we weren't going to be playing baseball. We're going to be running and running and running. So he never had to cut anyone from the team. They cut themselves. If you can hang in there, guess what? You got a uniform. You might not have played, but you were on the team in. We always put the best out that we won multiple state championships the whole thing, but I'll tell you what it was. We learn how to compete and I don't understand the concept of apart from that. You know, I I don't see how the world operates away from that, but they've made it not not just something they don't do. They've made it a bad thing. You know, same people who are complaining about competition are complaining about competition online, using their twelve hundred dollar iphone x. how do you think that got the market? Exactly. Well, these are interesting as I advise everybody go to coach brew dot com coach be, are you John brubaker, get out there, get the books stadium status. You're going to want it and you know what you can order. You prefer people buying the book. You probably have some in the garage. Now you got to get rid of these things. I one of these digital readers, you know what I'm saying point I'm getting so everybody learns differently? Yes, three learning styles, visual auditory can static if your auditory just get it on Amazon, audible dot com. Your visual by it..

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