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Down every single radio station on the dial. And they were playing this song fifteen times an hour. Captain antonio. We'll talk a little bit of reading and talk a little bit about Daryl dragging the captain from Catherine Antonio who passed away yesterday long with Bob Einstein. And we're discussing the career of the great mean Jean Oakland who was the greatest wrestling announcer and interviewer of all time and was present at some of the most historic moments in professional wrestling. We're listen to a little audio of him and talking about them if you guys want to jump in with any thoughts on these three huge losses and deaths that took place in one day. A matter of hours. All all of it exploded on social media and the internet with these three big huge deaths. We'll talk about all three of them. But we're we're talking about mean, gene right now three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. Mean Jean did return to the WWE fold upon the closing of WCW variety of roles and appearances he was inducted into WWE hall of fame in two thousand six and he was inducted by HOGAN. Oakland's lasts WWE appearance came on January twenty second two thousand eighteen so about a year ago when he appeared on the twenty fifth anniversary of Monday night, raw and he interviewed then WWE champion AJ styles. This is an interesting his background is really interesting. He started as an interviewer in the Minneapolis based American wrestling association before moving to the WWE in eighty four in which his duties included. All American wrestling, he hosted that and Tuesday night titans and serving as the lead locker room interviewer, Jesse Ventura the great Jesse Ventura is the guy who who gave him the nickname. He wrestled Jesse Ventura wrestles the body before he was elected governor of Minnesota, of course, Ventura told the Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter on Wednesday in an interview he said laughably called him the mean Jean hot air machine. And the mean Jean stuck Ventura called Oakland the best at what he did the best straight man interviewer in wrestling history in the two thousand fifteen interview with the Star Tribune, Oakland credited the late pro wrestling pioneer, Vert ganja, the great Vern ganja for start Oakland said that he worked sales in the television. Station were Awa was based and he had experience in radio you approached Oakland in the hallway when the regular interviewer could not make a taping in the early seventies. And Oakland recalled by saying, I sat Vern I know zero about wrestling, and he said. He said, do you have a suit and tie? That's all you need. There were a few bucks involves. So I died then that's how we get started fern ganja had nothing new nothing about wrestling. And that's how we got started. A great story. You know, it's always sad when someone dies. And you know, especially somebody who had kind of the impact on a lot of people's lives. If you you're wrestling fan. I mean Mangini he's the man the man note nothing, but massive respect for the guy every wrestling fan from whatever age wrestling people have been wrestling fan for forty years. People have been wrestling fans for you know, three years. No who gene is and respect. What he did? He was one of the best in the business. Do we have any more? Sure, this one is a little bit longer. Just because it's the full promo where you kind of get the idea of his work with the macho, man. The only thing is the thing about gene, a part of what made him so great was kind of the subtle like looks. He would give to the camera and some of the physical stuff. Yeah. This is the infamous cream of the crop, promo savage is like using a little cream little Cup of coffee, Creamer, as his prop and he's putting it on his own head, and he slipped it in jeans pocket at one point. But you kind of see how Gina plays the straight, man. All right sedate. I'm certainly I guess that this time will not forget I've talking about the former intercontinental champion of the world macho van nothing.

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