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To get on and need to fix and that is this trae. Young is now doing it. Within a system trae young is not thus system. he's not over dribbling. He's not over dominating. The ball john college bogdonovich gala. Nari shooter capella art. He's got they feel involved. They don't feel like oh trays. Doing everything trey got to create every shot for me. Trade creates his own offense off. No they're involved. Yes he's the best player. Yes he's the key. He had seized orchestrator of the offense and the system but it is five man basketball and that is easier to win. Championships play a five-man basketball. That's why golden state ran and was graded in some of its parts even before it got kevin durant that's why san antonio was always very good even as duncan got older because they played team basketball and trey was saying it's trades fought because that's the way kids grow up today plan kinda one but under lloyd pierce trey was doing the same thing as luca and players were getting bother john collins and trae win added earlier you remember. That and nate mcmillan came in and said we gotta play a system. We gotta get everybody of trays. Three point attempts went down. His field goal attempts went down and his scoring actually went down. But he's still giving you twenty five and that is one major difference in dallas. Man is all luca all the time. And he's great but he's creating everything and the thing is it's harder to bring in another star let alone superstar to play next to a guy who does everything so now in atlanta. If you bring in a superstar who got mad game himself he gets fit in now and play with trae. If you bring a superstar who got stuff off the bounce who could create his own shot who can create further people right now in dallas he to be a little frustrated playing with luca luca greats everything for himself for everybody else. You already here. Christopher zing complaining. I was good enough to complain. But he's complaining so. I don't blame luca i'm saying rick carlisle. Maybe we know he's not there anymore. Maybe felt pressured that he got to do whatever luca wants to do and he lets him do it. And then they have. Bob arias saying this is how we should play. They need to get a coaching there. That's gonna fit luca into a system where other dues can do their thing to lucas. Gonna be the best. He's gonna be the man. But you gotta fit other cats in there too if you wanna win championships or at least have a better chance to win championships. So that's a big thing for me. I'm with you if i'm atlanta. I'm good. I'm overjoyed with that trait but if you put a gun to my head i still slightly would take luca over trade. What would you take trae. I would definitely take trey and my my knock against luca out. And i only have one. He cries too much for me cry. I no no no. No no no no no. Everybody just complains and talks to the ref. After every whistle. That i get but lucas it af- it starts to affect his game. It starts affect his body language and emotion. And when you are leader at anything in life when you and i are fathers you and i have children you. You can't let your child know what's going on all the time to your body language because they're going to follow that. It's the same as a as a player on a team when you're the leader you at a team captain. And you're a franchise guy you've got to have. That's what i say about embiid. Embiid can't be my number one dude because he's just he's too emotional for me. His body bodies language is it. It sucks unle-. Yes it's horrible. You can't be my. You can't be my leader. You just gotta fix rugs down. Yeah but it's the same luca. Luca gis his body language. You can't be my leader with that body. Language trays getting trays get kind of played. Tough trade gets fell along he gets. He gets fellow last night. Where he i don't think ports did it on purpose but he didn't try to try to put his hand down and not follow on his ribs. You know i'm fallen. Not fallen har brom. Just portray kind of lake gets up. Kinda rubs shrugs at all smirks. Your team sees that your teammates that man and they feed off of that and that's those intangibles. We talked about luca. You already say you took the words right out of my out of my mouth. You already got porzingis of say. You're pausing stories coming out. He's not happy with this and that and now you know carlisle. He didn't get fired just said the storyline was. They couldn't come to terms on. No i'd be carlisle like you said. Look i kind of from the old school and this is a players league and that's my one of my knocks on the nba's that players lead author players. The players legal. Yeah and that's why you see coaches walking away or coaches getting fired because all the players got to do all luca lebron or ad all these guys gotta do is just go to owners go. I don't like that guy that's it. That's not new member. Maj i understand. But he at magic johnson and and we'll magic's really the only one that i think back in that time that had that power was known as yeah. Yeah j. j. kid but it feels. It is way more prevalent yet. So but no i'm taking. I'm taking tray and trays one playoff series. I mean playoff series. Luca one so far will be easier in east. But i hear you all. I mean you know. He had to go through the clippers twice. It true true offer. He he wasn't going through julius randle. Rj period. I can we agree on that day. I can totally agree on that. It's a recipe and the claw to go. Let's just say i agree with you. Pick the nixon says there. I got picnics and seven. And so i did a a lot of the seven. Eight seven seven ninety nine or fox. Eight seven seven nine. I six sixty three sixty nine. You'll turn away in. Has trae young play in these playoffs. Validated the hawks decision to trade away luca on draft night. Who would you take luca or trey. Your turned away with the couple. Chris and vj fox sports radio fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live. Hey it's been hosting the fifth hour with ben maller along with my trusty sidekick david guest gone with me mean a lot to have you join us at our weekly auditory journey dress one. In god's name is the fifth hour. I'll tell you it's a spin off of the ben maller show a cult hit overnights on fsr. 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