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It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law that vision parties promised to deliver bigger budget surpluses than the government if it wins elections next week while the ruling coalition's warned the policies would harm the economy. Centre-left labour party lawmakers Chris Bowen, Jim Chalmers have outlined policy to reduce tax breaks for landlords and some shareholders, which they argue would save one hundred fifty four billion Australian dollars or one hundred eight million US dollars over the next decade, the conservative government, which is seeking third three year term in elections on may eighteenth. His condemn the policy is a high taxing plan that would further. Depress the weak housing market. That's weighing down economic growth. Dogfish head brewery is being bought out by the brewer of Sam Adams beer in three hundred million dollar cash and stock deal. The Boston beer company says is entered into definitive agreements to acquire all the equity interests in dogfish head holding company the founder of dogfish huddle joined the board of Boston beer, and he and his family will receive more than four hundred thousand shares of Boston beer stock valued at about one hundred twenty eight million dogfish had shareholders will also receive one hundred seventy three million in cash. Radio news. To maguire. The chairman of the House Ways and means committee, Massachusetts Democrat, Richard Neal has sent subpoenas. The Treasury Secretary Steven.

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