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You going to be wishing on get aggressive young. Upc install say to me curry. Anthony joshua do better than uc everything. Because he's so silly. I caught even engage in conversations. Is that the same level of. I took my cool isn't even at the same level with delirium. Why this move along go ahead. I mean that could be argued. Deleon whitelaw's hockey laws to crumble. So it can be queued to meet captain side. I can't do when you come to you when people do not put respell west. I say i have a slam now. We don't want you in october with a. We don't want you to be allowed. You know no one hundred. He's not your guy we don't want you to be. I'm quite siwei. Where on all sides you stay where you are because he can watch this and see that you was in sheet. Let's say abia jewish assets. Yeah you love that co. Everybody expected the age as forty three years old by the way. Knock this guy out. He's losing kolia okay but he came out to me out. I'm gonna come back on the show and laugh and i'm going to have a soundbite. Don't you time you talk. I'll just press the button laugh. Overview for the whole show. Are you picking sick by decision though or you. Just trolling now. Honestly i'm starting to think that i'm gonna go and it's sad because i've stopped by ace. Shot relax world knows that. I stuck by gotta he gotta go above and beyond man. I don't know if he's going to be able to move as much as you. Sick and ucla has the ability to reach you so well if he sees a gas tank is leaking just a little bit he turns up the pace so this whole man every negative made me take for man. I gotta start. Stop stop being so glamorized with see these guys and just stick to my knowledge of what i know in in clearly. Looks like ooh sick is a plus two hundred twenty five and the over under is minus one thirty over the name so i don't think it's a you know they don't think it's going to decision is actually a minus two seventy five so better hunted on. Aj bring home three seventy five. Get to the super chats. It's kinda tight though. It is kinda tight you bet you bet one hundred on. Excuse me you better hunted on. Aj union bringing on three twenty. You got two hundred and seventy-five on j just to make a hundred is just to make one hundred hundred of so so if i place a hundred bent. Ucla how much am i getting a hundred three point three twenty five so the super chat is from zennoh grids zeno gray who says new. Aj finna awash. I love all the new host. Love emoji are heart emoji. otis champ. You know who's otis he's fiscus. Aj ran like reagan delegates. Andy rees what happened. Not ridi- rodney for is it. Why are you boy was running. Koa accounts he couldn't he couldn't for you so any tried in one of those rows practice right before houses boarded up. Why have you the landlord you running from the tennis. Sometimes you go into foreclosure man next property the next album kinami tell them tell. These is ganging up on soccer. Sick kids don't tell you how it is. Aj knows how to to lose still got that. Oh crazy man. So at eight hundred all select picking sick man like picking. uc lucky. Some got out here. And i do now that we have saw him to chat with a spoon that was shaped shocking account. Dan we saved searches aura. Who has no gas tank is a glorified journeyman. And that gave him a bit of properties when he felt that. That's all and you saw skin way lot right. I'm out of here on the outside. You can't do that. We've gone through. Just you can do that with dirt. She's orcas derek zora com books. He's a broiler. this is what i'm saying. So when anthony joshua when he feels that he's just going to be able to equal key h at the end of a job. That's not working not saying that it's not going to be a different seat for. Aj don't get it twisted. But what. I'm saying guys going to bed when notice and look everybody's counting out just to be on his back foot he will be. He can't afford to take stand by. he's going to bring it to him. If i if i'm his andy. Ruiz was able to hurt this guy. A smaller guy can hurt this. Obviously the wait is there. But the incident wasn't even hurt and cruise aways chant. Like stopped putting weight. Just saying you're saying smaller guy. A shorter guy not necessarily something dot injuries match. False hands on his. He's he's got the greatest foster's wanted false times in hefty santa's is what works against us some of that honestly honestly outside of michael. I'm talking about after michael. Hanna win for usa. Aj beats everybody on on ucf's resume in the same night. And i know that's like a bit of an exaggeration because by box. Boxing won't allow it. But i literally mean like i literally mean of. Aj did disinvite can he. He beat marco hawks beat margot he'll be grittiest he'll he'll smack shit outta gussie Tony melia would obviously take a scott dav cop lord supposedly new maybe terry teaspoon. He'd be having his t ready deter disturb with the c. Spoon like this. No one on like this is. This is not even resistance for aj like zorro. Not gotta do you know what you gotta do. You gotta put the m bison hat on. Aj am saying just. Let them run through them. Catch you know what i'm saying. I get the boss. Boston fight fans bro. Kansas chinni may he can get he can get click. You this this is what makes you laugh. He got he got. Tom was an lithium shot with a temple shot nothing to do with his chin. People less people would drop all would be would be scrambled to that is mohammed. Ali chin.

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