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Kitchenette. okay it's one loss was not a pretty loss they had also there they came out with flat. follow if I touch for David Montgomery trying to get Dave Montgomery more touches the five time to run all the calls all fifteen run plays the entire night to forty five passes got to get better balance. yeah and and they know that and they will know it if they come and go for two or three and only three and and and the city is on fire people street okay then then then we're talking about something but I think we're a little ahead of ourselves right now staying in that I think people to date I think people could take a deep breath and relax. staying in that same vein big Monday Night Football games tonight now the raiders have gone through a lot this offseason as caps that I know you said in those room with a lot of these analysts what are we going to see from the raiders tonight like the whole focus has been on Antonio brown what are we going to see from the raiders. you know it's it's difficult to say just think about this is a team that two straight seasons. has lost its best player the week before the opener. last year trade Khalil Mack. your Chicago Bears this year cuts in Tony brown ones of the patriots our motion only psychologically that that's a tough thing to bounce back from. yeah it's amazing to watch it hard knocks is all over it Antonio's a story every day and I've got to think at some point I know that Gruden kept saying you're my guy Antonio and I want him here but at some point Mike may I can't just say Hey that's not who I am a guy first of all and how can there there was no discipline for him altering the slur he did it may act because if the shoe was on the other foot Mike may I could be walking the streets today. well. okay what we reported on Thursday this day that they. got into it basically had to be separated and it was Messi. the waiter was always going to take discipline against them now again they didn't Friday. during the day your transaction and they said he would play. right so what. that night. they find of over two hundred fifty thousand dollars and boy did his termination pay. and so that. help set off. the video on Saturday night or Friday and post in Scranton yes Riz really sell yeah again if they worded disappointment sack right at the initial call on Thursday. I was hold. he was being suspended and or release. okay and I called around. and was told no he's not being released he's being suspended that's what I was told and we reported that they're planning to spend the. and so we saw the story unfold the way it did. and eventually they they did release them after a couple days after sending him the conduct detrimental letters finding him and taking away termination pay and after he asked to be released via Instagram up really quick Odell Beckham junior wearing a watch during the game yesterday I cannot in order. reach record million miles. not just say I have no idea how to say there I don't have enough money to buy those watches Adam I wish I did a thousand dollar watch exactly sixty thousand dollar watch on the leaves now does the NFL need to put a policy in place where you can not where Jeff repairing they're going to address it they said this morning so is that what's going to happen with that Adam. hello did we lose our guy I think we lost them. all right maybe he'll call back I read this morning that the fact that I can hear the phone ring in the other room they are going to address this it's a violation of the uniform policy are we get Danny. all right we got a guy back Adam is are they going to discipline him for this or just make sure rule is enforced. yeah I. I don't know the answer. following a hundred thousand dollar watch the game. again there was little doubt that I. I found myself you know try to find out if it's still legal to wire tap conversations in California or where hundred sixty thousand dollar watch during games I mean I don't know I'm not the rule some of the others unbelievable all right well we're gonna try and just relax bears and Broncos early line as Denver a two point favorite I feel like the bears are going to come out like with everybody against them and they're going to play really good football that's just me. I think it to lose its openness and there's a look it's wrong which I'll be disappointed if it in Amman play well but I could be constructed injections Hey man have a good day see Adam. hi to enjoy your sushi. Hey got sushi day in the calf at like well how do you know. because last year each week he would be eating while he was talking with and you could hear the silverware clinking on a play that's Danny as Chris and we're like create what are you doing Adam I'm eating lunch at sushi day on Mondays he likes their sushi there and he would eat with warlords who else was there was just won't that was the best part can you imagine a conversation now between the greatest NFL reporter in the game and the greatest and be a reporter in the game the nuggets say could share with each other off the record unbelievable something tells me they didn't do that though they just sat there talking about was stopping in tune or something I don't feel like they're saying they're like well lebron and well Antonio burst my bubble right when he tried. maybe he's sitting there because I got to tell you about the territorial brought some yourself hold on a second you won't believe what I heard about the Brian James last why not see that and I can raise with Patrick my home here's how the conversation went Schefter when I've never seen a bigger diva than Antonio brown then what would you say really have you been following Jimmy Butler and they would go back and forth right that right I like this this should be one of those cartoons that they used to have a newspaper well I've got this well I've got the markets because it's all right we got to take a quick time out we play NFL full FAQ axe real we are contenders and who are the private tenders. nobody should.

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