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Thanks for listening and supporting the art of charm for list of all of our amazing sponsors n discounts visit the art of charm dot com slash advertisers and now for the conclusion of our interview with richard clark it sounds like this toes along the line of the ideological response rejection which was one of many factors that caused people to reach a roni as conclusions ideological response rejection is if i were to believe your prediction it would be incumbent on me to do something to prevent this catastrophe and the only things you suggest the only things that make sense would be things that would make the government bigger and cause us to spend more money for example one little things we talk about in the book as a possible future cassandra is jim hansen a professor at columbia who talks about sealevel rise the un model of climate change says that could be a meter three feet or more of sea level rise between now near twenty one hundred jim hansen says no you got that all wrong it's more likely to be between six and nine meters he has a set of data and it does suggest that now if you were to believe him you would have to do something and have to build dams you'd have to build pumping stations you'd have to move all sorts of things from coastal cities you'd probably after do coppin trade on carbon emissions all of those things would require a wild of federal expenditure a lot of federal regulation i don't want to do that because i'm a republican or on a small government guy on the fiscal conservatives and if i believe you i don't have any choice because the only things that would make sense to mitigate and ultimately respond to massive rob at sea level rise are things i don't wanna do.

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