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You know I never wanted to be a small business owner when I first started out in the early early eighties. I want to be President of IBM but for me. I then got tired of my boss. There who promoted incompetent people over myself so I struck on my own. My next guest is also an accent. Entrepreneur Markets Babcock. Start out as a personal trainer at a big box gym when he was twenty which eventually led to strike on his own. Her Name Mobile Mobile Studio and eventually formed a partnership with fellow personal trainer but at time he was twenty four. Marcus welcome to the show. Great to be here today. It's good I fine for most small business owners. If we knew actually what we're in for we probably never would have struck out on our own because it's just way too crazy absolutely it's kind of the debris mindset in the beginning like. I could be my own boss and comes second. So so why is that? Isn't that because we read all the things about these great incredible success stories? And we think we'RE GOING TO BE THE NEXT. Michael Dell Bill Gates. Yeah exactly I think in some peoples cases like myself. It's it's forced onto them so I actually ended up getting laid off at the big box gym and Had become a small business owner but then just the dream of. Hey now my future is really in my control. And I'm very confident myself and I'm GonNa make the same big of course that's the dream like. Okay now I work for myself. I can work anytime I want to with anybody that I want to. It's going to be fantastic. I control over my own life but it doesn't quite turn out that way does it. Yeah no not not quite You find yourself working more hours Less less pay more expenses. And you're not like really doing the fun stuff anymore. You're not doing the stuff that you were doing beforehand. Which my case was actually doing the training with with the people who is more about the marketing bringing New People on organizing all of that. And I think that's the most difficult part of having your own business because most of us get started to solve a problem. Help a customer but we don't realize there's all this other stuff right around running a business as you said marketing keeping track of. Who's paid who hasn't paid setting appointments all the things that kind of get in the way of actually doing the work yeah. It was very humbling. I was like Oh yeah I can. I can definitely track money on my own I can. I can organize my calendar on my own. I can keep track of all my clients Piece of paper or my head and then it actually start scaling and I'm going. Whoa spending twelve hours a day trying to manage the business. And then you know it felt like another twelve hours doing the actual training and that's a that's a real big issue. You said when you scale tell us about your journey and how it all worked out so when I was in the big box gym I had like a or nine clients which was a good load for me I was also doing a full time college at the time too and then a little thing called college right. Exactly just mixed in there Anyone I struck out on my own I actually took a year off college and decided to Kinda grow. That business I.

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