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Fourteen and Jeffersonville home police say over Hensley admitted to eating parts of her organs during testimony today a witness testified Blanton had mentioned previous drug use by over Hensley the statement about his criminal past and drug use led to an immediate halt to the proceedings because both sides had agreed that not be brought up Clark County prosecutor Jeremy maltose W. okay why this is better than having a verdict thrown out the last thing in the world I can do is put this family through another four or five years of delays trying to get a trial date so if I'm going to wait a week or two weeks behind schedule to get that done this summer that's fine another jury trial is set to begin September third they were serving ham and hand cuffs at the Kentucky state fair this morning gay rights activists tried to crash the country Hambrecht this but they were handcuffed and taken away by state police members of the fairness campaign show up every year pro testing what they say are discriminatory policies of the event sponsor the Kentucky farm bureau the state fair grand champion hand was auctioned at the breakfast and he said he'll give a very may the winning bid of one billion dollars was made by central bank that's a lot of money for a hand but no where near last year's record bid of two point eight billion dollars Paul miles news radio eight forty WHAS officials are trying to force prison workers to cooperate into investigations under way on the debt the financier Jeffrey Epstein about twenty prison workers have declined interviews with investigators and are getting lawyers officials are looking into how esteem was able to kill himself only a couple of weeks after a previous suicide attempt how long can you sit on a plane that's what one airline wants to find out New York to Sydney and London to Sydney nonstop sounds good until you learn how long you have to sit on the plane the proposed Qantas airlines flight would be in the air for nineteen hours to prepare and make sure the passengers can bear it what this will try a series of test flights as passengers will be monitored by a team of scientists sleep patterns and food consumption tracked and even the pilots will be observed to find out the physical and psychological impact of that long flight if all goes well regular flights would begin in twenty twenty two Dave Packard ABC news senator Mitch McConnell says he supports the protesters in Hong Kong the Kentucky Republican wrote an op ed for the Wall Street journal saying the protesters are demonstrating against the authoritarian rulers of China the Senate leader says the Chinese Communist Party is terrorizing the people of Hong Kong and though the United States continues to pursue a good relationship with China that will rely in part on the nation's treatment of Hong Kong.

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