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News cases yeah let's lou i've been sitting here and that's all that's been going through my mind it's like wow this is getting so much bigger than when i was just reading the white paper it's like fully crap so you guys have a crowd sale approaching and now as every you know token purchaser is of interested in or you guys have some a lot more incentives for the token users than say the average crypto project might have so why don't we go into more about the incentives that you know x y o offers for token users and then also to branch off more onto that is go into the crowd sale info and when all that's going to be on what do you mean exactly by incentives for the token users so you know they decide they wanna go make transaction i guess they wanna get some data they want to use your platform how's that all going to work with them the incentives above and beyond there's the person personal use case for so many of our sentinel uh and so connecting to you know having the thing that find your keys also be making your money in your pocket or on your desk so i think that's that's a big one and just the as you have varied use cases like for example the building out the paying for parking the tool that's van parking is also making you money based on all of the while making you x y oh i should based on everything that's going on around it so something so aspects that have a real world use case to you all of a sudden have that cutback namath incentive road i mentioned it's beginning to get it to be an estimated like mullah game for example so instead of buying south and fumbling points or you know what we wanted to be doing together next level and just agree gumma centeno and saw way you earn tokens.

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