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It's hard to top a hill. The state of the union address. Now it was last week. That Nancy Pelosi was suggesting we should prowess pony because we don't have enough security to the president said, no what I'm gonna postpone your flight to live LA Vida loca over in Europe and Egypt and Afghanistan. And so today, we learn that Nancy Pelosi is basically insisting that there be no state of the union address at least in the house chamber. Towards the president said, oh, no. That's not going to stop me. We're gonna find a way to have it. The only question would be wear and win. Now, the constitution only says that he has to deliver a written state of the union like it used to be done back in the day to the congress. So that can be done. And once that's done. It seems to me they can have it anywhere. So that's what I wanted to ask. You we talked about this a little bit last week. If there was not to be a state of the union where should it be? And now that we know that they at least it won't be in the house chamber where shoot it'd be a four thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay? And keep an open mind because basically once it is delivered in writing. And I don't know can be Email constitution doesn't say how it needs to be delivered. Just that. It'd be delivered. Once that's delivered. He can do it anywhere. April one thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. We'll have some fun with that. Plus, the real reason I've been hesitant to talk about this because I was waiting for all the details of these kids from Covington Kentucky, and what happened in Washington, and what they were accused of doing versus what they actually did do, and why that became such a media circus. I will tell you. And there's a very good reason why it's not a palatable reason. But it is the reason he gave you some insight insight into what's going on in the industry to proposals are in the Senate. But will they do any good to stop the impasse and open up the government again? And we'll talk that over with Bill Zimper and Michael Barr who are in Washington DC. And have the unique perspective that's all coming.

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