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Online to psychos. Com or stop by the Geico office, Nearest you, John Vitamin Troy Murray, Chris Boden, here at the United Center to to face off for the Blackhawks into the ice. And it's to the right of Lincoln and back to pass. It goes, he shoots stopped by Lincoln on the rebound. They scar and it's Vincent Pro check. Corral the puck in the right wing circle Lincoln and it moved over to the far post. This side of the net was empty pro checks. That's it passed him on. The Hurricanes reassume the lead at three to the original shot coming through after the faceoff win by Carolina was blocked. Not once. But twice in the second time, It came right out to throw check, and all she had to do was bury it into the empty net. On strong blocked the first one. Connor Murphy blocked the second one in the park came right out to an open Carolina hurricane player, and that was pro check, and he was able to find the back of the net before Lincoln and could kind of figure out where that park was. So a quick strike right off that face off has the Hurricanes up by one. Go check with his fifth on the season and Troy mentioned to score. We return to the play Patrick Kane along the right boards, trying to clear the puck out, taken away by need a writer of the Hurricanes top of the near Circle Hawk Zone. He flipped it down behind the net. Taken away by cane, You'll wind it around the left wing side. And now here That center Isis Strom, you're well back into the Hawks. L'm drop it. Now the Nikola voting beside the net, and he'll back in behind the net that start up between the circle's gonna pass up the left wing now to break it. Crossing the hurricane line on the left wing. Lost the handle down behind the net. Brady Shay will sticking around up the far boards and down into the Hawk's own Pew suitor, chasing it down quick, pass up Vice courage, Chevys in over the hurricane blue line along the left wing boards and then lost the puck down behind the net. Eventually kind of took of their head hole through Central Asian over the hot line down the right wing to the nanny got away a backhander but hit the side of the net. Again along the right boards drops it there too special a coffee. I'll put it down behind the hawk Net was off of Mitchell Stick. Ends up in the right wing Carter. Ah, now here's him again, leaving the puck along the boards. Heath is able to push it free ahead. The current chef to Mitchell, Center ice Crossing the hurricane line, he sends it along the left wing boards. Who will they could turn the wrong way and Slaven will back the fuck down to the hot blue line. Kubelik here to get it. Passing to Shaw at center ice on the right length. He'll put the puck behind Hamilton down the boards in behind the hurricane net. Slaven knocked it away once and now twice. Who would've had the center ice Tahoe and then them again actually warned Fogel Bogo behind the Hawk net, nearly took it away from Calvin to Han Murphy takes the puck far corner now and put it up there, Right side here shot center ice, chopping a bouncing puck into the hurricane zone near the rape point. Hayden Fleury recovers. Head to table terrifying in its center ice dumps it into the right wing corner. Hawkin, Calvin Han got hold of it. They're moving and had the center icer Soderbergh dmurphy over the hurricane line. Right wing winds up in fires on a butterfly save made by Reimer stall will control the rebound and flipping the center. I should or I have to get back for the Hawks. Or to Connor Murphy Hurricane line Right wing. He flips the puck down into the hurricane zone. Gardner sticks it ahead. Here's Martin look into the hot zone along the left wing boards. He is hit by shit door off Yen Mark stole the puck racing behind the Hawk net, then out And then Martin reaching around he and Mark just inside the hot blue line knocks it free down the boards to the corner Holding will clear head to center ice. Bessie slings it back down the boards into the hawk's own boating with an outlet pass hits, cane stick and trickles free. And Shay will fire it back down the boards into the Hawks on this time Bo day moves that he had at the hotline to Yan Mark to Kersh of its center ice to Patrick Kane over the hurricane blue line near the right point, checked off the puck by Shea, who clears to center ice. Door. I've got the putback for the Hawks needs it ahead on the left wing to Yan marked down into the hurricane zone behind the back, pass up the stuff that came in a point blank shot and Reimer made the safer the pads. And the rebound is cleared down ice by Martin teaches no icing is called us The Hawks get it back. Here's and Mitchell carrying the center ice on the right wing, you'll back the fuck down the board behind the hurricane net. Remer out to plate up the far side beaches clears to center Ice hawks Get it back Strom inside the hurricane zone left point down to the brink it to Mitchell High slot. Here's Mitchell carrying it away. And then he tried to deep Astro check near the near point. Protect Pulp checks it down the hotline to break in. Got it there, too. Kubelik over the hurricane line down the left wing with given goal from strong You were like fires off the back of the net. Well, they got the Strom along the right boards. Put it across left wing circle The Han. He'll send it into the left wing corner. Kubelik bothered, thereby slave and lost the puck. Here come the hurricanes out of their end. And at center ice needs. Just dump the puck into the right wing corner. Hawks on hurricanes Go for a line change boxer changing as well. Murphy between the circles will start up pass ahead into the hurricane zone off of Fleury. Fleury along the far boards clears to center ice Front of the bench is Murphy's Got it there. That's it ahead the camp Hurricane blue line, and he'll back handed down behind the net. Right. We're out the plate into the near corner for Gardner. Who lost it along Muneer boards, Manheim or More digging along with Sebastian Aho Puck slides out to j'adore off. He'll fling one in from the left point into the chest of rhymer who lets it drop into his glove and he holds on and whistle will stop play. Hurricanes lead it 32 Now with 8 28 left in the third will be back after this break. You're listening to Blackhawks hockey on 7 20 w GM, simplify your federal agents. He's technology procurement with connection public sector solutions. Connections,.

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