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Yeah. Tons of polar express. You know, see, there's another one polar express, you know. So I think this is very interesting because now Netflix will have their own movie that they can that people can kind of build a tradition around. And they don't have to you know, when you're searching for Christmas movie. If you don't have they don't have exactly what you want. But it's fun and entertaining and family friendly, then at least you can play it and not be too concerned about what you're gonna do for the next couple of hours. Yeah. Yeah. And I think again, I think plays into what I said like, you know, now that you mentioned polar express, and you know, this twenty five days of Christmas. And so on I mean, sure there's a ton of Christmas movies. I mean, there's no shortage of Christmas movies. But I think it does play into how each generation or maybe not each generation each age group or something. Yeah. You know, like each age group has because the generation could be like twenty years or something. But but how each age group has like their sweet spot and. Like, no one really is left out of Christmas. You know? I mean, if you think about it. It's like I mean, even like Jewish kids have their own Christmas movies. I'm sure somewhere out there. Yes. You know what I mean? Like in some weird like somebody wrote some movie that incorporates like Jewish kids. Like, I don't know what it is. But you know, Neil diamond thing in Christmas, Neil diamond Barbra, Streisand. You know, when you got Jewish people making money off of you know, like what do you call it versus songs like, hey, everybody's vulva Christmas. Right. Yep. Why not? But so yeah. I mean, it looks cute. I'm going to see it made me and my family are gonna eight crazy nights eight crazy nights. There you go is is the animated Adam Sandler Hanukkah movie. Totally. I mean, I knew it. Yeah. Just like, you know, his, you know, his songs and stuff, you know. And right. Yeah. But now me and my family are going to watch this for sure I mean, I'm hoping that the boys aren't a little too young and maybe freaked out like, oh my God Santa crashed and the ranger flew off. And they can't, you know, maybe they don't figure out like, no, Mikey. That's really like just the joke of the whole thing. Right. Which which which is what starts the story. I love that. I, you know, I kind of it's a love hate thing. It's it's a neat thing. To know that your children are still innocent enough. They can't handle like even dramatic crescendo. You know, like. When. When something's coming to ahead, and like one group of people that you've seen in a movie. No, no, something a secret. And then they run up against a group that doesn't know her person that doesn't know the other part of the secret dive diveyness. So what are you doing? We've seen this movie before you know, that because I don't like the conflict. That's hilarious. Well, what they don't show. I mean, they showed the the crash and or the separation of the reins and everything and then the crash, but they don't really show, you what causes it, right? At least. I didn't. I didn't catch that. But maybe it was an isn't it the kids the kids like spook him? They spook Santa. Yeah. But why would they spook? Why would it all break apart? I guess I don't know that. Yeah. It doesn't mean like the rains are going to come apart. Yeah. So there's gotta be something else. Like flying through the air something that you know, we're not seeing in this trailer..

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