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Shitty faro likes spielberg at his worst kind of fucking earth sucked it's a lot of kate bonds worth walking slowly and sadly down hallways and then something jumps out or it happens 25 times that it does anyway that's our show folks to hogs down for uh before i way yep uh we will be back i believe although as you know where these are never hard and fast rules but i believe our next picture will be blade which was a request for the facebook page i erode joe i haven't seen this thing and forever i'd love to watch it so uh refresh yourself on blade and that's also going to uh you know coincide with the upcoming release of black panther because this will be kind of the first black marvel superhero blade maybe not the first i don't know but rao and maybe and i'm sure the blade talk all bleed into two and three a bit yeah and we are also uh one hundred percent i dunno i think it comes out friday a maybe next friday um going to be doing black panther a guarantee that so let's not one hundred percent i won i'm superhero it doubt at this point i can't but he everyone's raving about i don't give a faulk everybody raved about wonderwoman you don't wanna see it i'm the one who vowed never to say i saw wonderwoman a guess what board again folks i can't order superhero movies i can't.

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