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This week on the IRA. Some downshift get ready. For PATSIES KEVIN. We have been lifting heavy things up and putting them down down in Boston. We look ahead to week. Thirteen there is no other reason for racing do exist and we go off. The rails can't believe you broke my pen. Do all this and more strapping. Welcome to the. Ira downshift I'm your host Greg West. I'm back of the boys. Kevin Baba and Chris Leoni another big weekend I racing. We had an excellent race last night. In the Chris HE NASCAR. Coca-cola racing series We also have a something big coming up next week. A what something what. Kevin the bill the bill. That was a trick question for Second Vince. Going on this week. Couple of special events as well so a lot to get to. So let's kick it right off Chris Nascar Coca Cola. I racing series. David I did it. You got it I just pop. It's all right. Chris tells about the race last night. What an amazing race at Auto Club speedway we had a ton of change is at the front of the pack. We have a bunch of guys. Just battling it out. We finally saw cautioned this year and that old adage of cautions breed cautions. But it didn't happen for too long. We had a couple of back to back but they got right back to clean racing. We had tons of lead changes the whole day Berkeley Mini Sports. Eventually pulls it out. Ashton crowder holds off Garrett low in the wood brothers Garrett low backing up that P to finish that matt to Benedetto had it Las Vegas so it's been a good week for the wood brothers to. Did you see the the clip on twitter of Parker watching the the finals goal Lap there with his with his boys. He was out recording first. Tv Show and they headed up on his laptop. I if you haven't seen it check it out on twitter. I like John Woods tweet. He's got two messages. One from Steve Myers one from Dale. Jr. regarding saying congratulations so that was that was pretty cool. Good racing though not the easiest to pass it. You had to be patient to complete the pass. I think the past with elite took to whole laps to complete. Yeah I mean like we said the these guys really had to fight tooth and nail and in some ways it seemed to come down to attract position raise and it's why those couple of cautions in the middle of the race really changed everything. We saw a handful of guys about seven or eight guys. We're trying to make it a one stop race. And they had played just about perfectly because right is they got through that pit cycle. I caution so they were able to stay out with only one or two laps on their tires one or two laps in their fuel and they had that track position and a lot of the guys. You know that that made that gamble ended up coming out with pretty good finishes even though there was second caution right away after the fact but they played it perfectly and they got a perfectly time caution to hold that track position and it really influenced the outcome of the race. Another great week a race and looking forward to the next one here in three weeks three weeks three weeks. Cool moving into the following up on the NASCAR. Let's go right into the bill. Got A lot good stuff coming out. This is a feature heavy build. Wouldn't you say Kevin we're kind of catching up on? Things should have had a lot of content going out but now we have a huge list of equal little things that make the Stanford at the better. The came in which you know me being dude. I'm super excited about that so the Porsche came in. Gt for club. Sport Super Fund drive on Alpha. One of the perks of the job. Get to test these cars before they're available to the public Superfund That'll be part of the series racing with the challenge. You got it so Some multi class racing I think it's going to be. We say that's about a lot of cars be released. But this one's really gonNA be popular. It's fun to drive. It's easier to drive than the Porsche Cup. Car as you can imagine It's more of A. I guess you'd call it a lower level racecar sociable. It's a race car for the people you don't have to be a you know a world championship caliber driver to get the most out of it. So looking forward to racing that for sure yeah. I think it's going to be a nice nice editions. The ladder and something. That's comfortable for people to move into especially pilot challenge. Where the where. You're not if you make a mistake. You're not flipped over and in a wall. You'RE GONNA lose ties. That happened many many times than what's usually warped into back into the pits micro crash. I I'd do it big going back to the NASCAR stuff that we do have some cool stuff with that new Texas turns one and two you may not recognize them because they are updated. Greg Hills in his crew have done an excellent job on that as they always do. I got to the first ever laps. Wow on new Texas impressive helping with a little bit of the race control stuff but that was. That was pretty cool. It is a different so looking forward to seeing everybody. Get a chance to drive on that As far as new content pseudo new content for the NASCAR series the Cup car the Camaro. We have updated the cups cars to have twenty thousand physics package while the art assets are not quite in place and they will not be in place for the bill they will be in the first patch. They're just barely missing. So the Acre Camaro and then the Spineta Mustang once again both have the new physics already implemented and the art will follow an Apache and a couple of weeks so pretty excited about that. That consists that the smaller spoilers and things of that nature also in this bill. We've got a bunch of new damage. Count six cars with the new damage model. That's going to be a lot of fun. We may or may not tie that in week thirteen. We'll talk about that here in a little bit so we have in no particular order if I can read my chicken scratch Notes we have the Corvette C six. Gt1 the Aston Martin GT1. We have the tea. Cr Audi A. R. S. three. Lms Tea CR the Porsche. Seven one eight came in. Gt Four Club sport something. There's a club sports. It's a longer name and I always get him. Outta GONNA right. You got all the letters there. I don't know daughter but he got all the letters so excited to see that one. Come out with new damage and that means that the pilot challenge both cars will have the new damage model on it. So when you mess up. Even though it is approachable everybody will know it's going to big stuff on the oval side. We tease this. The other day Canaan car got the new damage model. That video was not fun at all the shoot. Let me tell you why we didn't enjoy that. At all. On a Saturday morning The original Ford. Gt THE GT two-car. That one has new damage and I think that is it kind of went out of order but a lot of damage coming out We're GONNA use that once again in week. Thirteen we'll talk about that here. In a second we also have a bunch of new cars that are getting updated tire specifically in. What's going to impact people very quickly for the CBS special event we've got the GT cars and the GT three cars. All getting the updated tire really excited about that Those cars are also getting updated baseline. Setups they're going to be more competitive now. A lot more ballots to great place to start. You probably not GonNa win a world championship race on them but our staff has done an excellent job building more competitive setups for out of the box out of the box racing so very excited about that and along with the build we have another edition of the IRA Acing Week. Thirteen Fun and exciting. We of racing on. Ira's and Kevin One he'd give us a recap of what week thirty? It's a good opportunity to explain week. Thirteen to anybody. That doesn't know we sometimes gloss over it so we have our four twelve week series throughout the year that most people are familiar with and then we have this week in between we call it week. Thirteen racing is kind of modified. There's not nearly as much official series. There's there's a couple. There's a lot of what we call fund series that that don't count towards licensing in that sort of thing But the reason we do this is because we plan to do our updates that we can. We don't want to interfere with a bunch of downtime in if somebody's competing for championship so that's the reason behind week thirteen. They happen every thirteen weeks as you can imagine And that starts Monday night when it rolls into Tuesday of next week Greg. You've got the schedule of what we're going to be racing though right. We have the the typical Officials stuff that Is always going on even in week. Thirteen so you have your thirteenth street stock in. Is Fixed Open? The regular NASCAR Racing Class B and Class C stuff is still there on the roadside the Mazda Amex five cup. Bmw GT challenge. Which is in week thirteen. That's what it's called the twelve weeks. Bmw twelve point now and then we also have the Porsche Cup series Featuring the nine eleven. Gt Three Cup car As far as the fun series stuff goes the typical stuff. Pickup couple are dash carburetor cup. That's always around the fun series that you guys are looking forward to though Which read them off here. We have the IRA sing figure. Great Chris what is the figure? Great a well you don't you. Don't get too many chances to do figure eight racing here on I racing. I mean look. We're simulation we do. Tend to you know. Take ourselves seriously but You know again to Echo Kevin's point. I mean this is where we have some fun and figure. Eight racing is nothing if not fun. There is no other reason for figure. Eight racing do exist. You know especially not in the real world because let's be real you get t-bone figure eight race you're gonNA feel it But man figure figure great racing what we have for the cars for figure. Great this time around all right. We've got on the new damage bottle. The Corvette C six. Gt1 Aston Martin GT1 in the Ford. Gt To yes. We understand this a small track and these are fast cars. But it's ridiculous. There's going to be a lot of parts floating around on the field. Sports car figure eight racing. This is like a hummy wheeler fever dream. I don't even know what that means. Come on you know wheeler the old promoter at Charlotte. The the guy you put on the bus jumps. Yeah come on. He's a legend I Just GonNa leave that one alone we also have the the first edition of the Michelin Pilot Challenge. So we're going to get your first taste of the tea cr against the are on track with a Porsche came. Gt Four. These are a little bit shorter. These are fifteen minute races Just to get a feel for its. You'll have those we're bringing back week. Thirteen ridiculousness Which is ridiculous as it sounds the three cars for this addition the global INEX- five the radical end the Williams Formula. One car so closing rates are going to be a thing. That's too bad. The Formula One car does not have headlights to flash at the X. FIVE. That's in the way that might be from the moving chicane world championships. Yeah there you go. We also brought back by popular demand to frame twister. It's going to have the cane and also new damage in. Yeah Good luck trying to keep that straight. So that should be a good time on the Dirt Oval. We still got sliding Sling mud for fun on the sprint cars as well as the thirteenth week Midget Cup and on the dirt road. Where during the two by four offered trucks and we got the The pro four in the pro tools and multi class Truck racing twenty four trucks on track at once..

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