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Prevent the floor in me i take a probiotic every day that get your immune system working really well makes you musa some look a much younger person um i get my vitamin d blood levels above forty and i swish green tea rim mouth twice a day close on contract green tea weakens flu viruses it weakens many viruses what it does it robs them of the enzyme that they need to infect humans it's called a neuro minute dacians zone i mean there are drugs that duties like roland zone tamiflu but dare starting to become less effective the flu saarc certain stroot flew stranger becoming resistant to them their drugs that if you start to get the flu you pop these little capsules in this like puncture mechanism and you breathe in you win held a powder and that we can to flow on contact but they're not working as effectively green tea is still working and it's very effective it weakens the same enzyme and the flu viruses that reluctance and tamiflu weaken the norm in shot and there's a lotta great data including for university florida gainesville including from insure and french onshore bone that green tea helps protect people from the floor green tea helps protect people from the full so i do my green tea yes studies on green tea for the us from french for japan a and australia strong supporting a triple did we.

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