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The next up women's that women's evolution baby we see a triple threat mass for the women's championship with trish stratus jazz in victoria what's your favorite chaz match bruce my favorite jazz match jazz favorite jazz match you know this had to be right up there i always liked jazzman she was a hell of a talent tough and also her husband rodney mack red dog was another one but for again they were great in the ring great people there was just something missing on that connection with the audience but her in ring stuff man was solid is hell and i thought that the matches pretty damn good eventually victoria hits the ropes and runs into a chick kick let's give trish the win and the title at seven minutes and seventeen seconds trish is your new women's champion you guys opted to have this on the main show and not on the pre show because you wanted to really feature trish right well yeah you wanted to you wanted to have the women's championship on the main show and yes wanda feature trish i'm just saying if this was victorian jazz the tag matches on the show and their own heat well you wanted you wanted to have the girls on the show as well so that was a big part of being on the on the show and we had another tag match all the show so unfortunately one of mad to go coach interviews the rock here and there oxus he doesn't care what people think he's he's here today what he hasn't done before and that's beat steve austin wrestlemainia hollywood's taught him anything it's that the first acts of a second don't matter the climax is what everyone remembers and that's an act three and that's the night.

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